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Hagerty Employee

8 ways to treat your car-loving dad this Father's Day

It's payback time. Time to make up for all the stupid neckties, questionable cologne, and handmade IOUs you've given dear ol' Dad on past Father's Days. You know the ones—good for mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage ... chores that were already on your jobs list anyway.

No, it's time to step up and give your car-loving father something that he'll truly appreciate: the gift of your time, your attention, and maybe even a little of your sweat. Are you listening, kids?


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Three things I would hate for my family to do on that list:

1. Clean my garage. Hands off the materials folks! The last thing I want is for anything to be touched in my garage. Heck, it's already clean enough to eat off the floor.


2. Detail my car. My car is already detailed to perfection. Besides, it takes a trained hand to clean it. If you want to do something like this, detail the daily drivers, or just wash them. I keep my toys clean and the family car looks like it hasn't been washed in six months, coincidently, the last time I washed them.


3. Buy something car related. If I wanted it, I already have it. I'd have to fake that I like it. Very painful.


If you want to do something nice for Father's day, cook one of my favorite meals and clean up the dishes. That's all I want. Oh, don't hassle me about the $1000 I just spent for an Autel MS906BT. Maybe I'll just keep that one to myself.





Pit Crew

Detail my cars !!!??? - the family are not even allowed in them unless they've showered, changed into clean clothes and promised to keep their hands in their pockets. Don't mess with a man's passion.....










Pit Crew

Amen brother 

New Driver

My little granddaughter helping clean up!



Another voice against cleaning my garage! Yes it's a disaster but I know where everything is. Move ANYTHING and I'll lose my mind looking for it.

Intermediate Driver

Best fathers day I think I remember was treating my Dad to a day at the races with my brother at Portland International Raceway. I had printed up some old literature from when he was younger and use to spend time there. He told us some stories that he said he hadn't thought about in years.