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8 of the oddest oddballs crossing the block this month | Hagerty Media

With two big auction events going on this month (Mecum Indy and Amelia Island), we're keeping an eye on the most significant, expensive, and downright cool cars crossing the block in May 2021. We also keep an eye out for the rare, the unusual, and the weird.
Intermediate Driver

Regarding the Mustang limousine, I'm surprised you didn't say 'no pun intended' when you mentioned 'stretching the truth'.
Intermediate Driver

I think the writer intended that pun.
Intermediate Driver

As always, an interesting look at the auctions that I will probably never get to see, got to admit the Phillips Berlina pikes my interest
Intermediate Driver

The 1982 Phillips Berlina and all of the other neoclassic cars are some of the ugliest cars ever built.
Advanced Driver

The guy above you wants it hoisted on a pike.
Intermediate Driver

I'm with you on this one. IMHO, calling a neoclassic a mere "caricature" is an understatement!

There is something about it that is growing on me... and since enough collectors out there hate it, it can probably be had fairly reasonably. maybe it'll end up next to my Allante

The Mustang is described as rough shape, but the photos aren't showing anything, unless I missed something scanning through them.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, under-statement.

One of the few pics of the Bombardier reveals it's taken quite a heavy hit to a wheel at some point. Like a full-on run into a speed bump? I'd like to know it the opposite side matches. Even so, It's an easy fix so why not fix it before the photos?
New Driver

Had a few rides in a Bombardier in the 60's winters in Saskatchewan. They painted them yellow and
used them for school buses. Held more than 6 tho from what I remember.
New Driver

Had a number of rides in the 12 passenger Bombardier in Saskatchewan in the 60's. They painted them yellow and used them as school buses.

A very good time Andrew, and I always enjoy Hagerty's Let's Get Weird.
The Bantam looks like a sort of funereal application.
The Mustang is bizarre but I think White is the wrong color (I don't like White cars)
The Vespa et alia are all adorable,
To all Hagerties: My Japanese truck is having a 41st Birthday this month.

Imagine the 1928 "EX" series phantom replica, and put yellow horizontal stripes on the backend of that thing... it would look like a big mean wasp... lol
Hagerty Fan
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The wheels on that ruined Mustang could be hub caps but if they are the real deal they are worth more than the car in my opinion. That style rim I believe came out of the factory in 1966 and were
a factory option on Mustangs and factory equipment for 66-67 Fairlane GT and GTA both H/P 390 power. I believe the manufacturing run for those beauties were just 2 years. Beautiful rims but awfully heavy. Factory advertised hoarse power was 325 for the GT and GTA 390s. The GTs came stock with a floor shift 3sp manual or an option for a Borg Warner T10 Top Loader. The GTA was equipped with a C6 automatic. Both were factory 9in Traclock differentials. In my opinion the two best Fairlane options ever produced by FOMOCO.
Intermediate Driver

UGH! How do we get rid of this perpetual lie about Bombardier "inventing" the snowmobile in 1934? The Snowmobile was invented by Virgil D. White in Ossipee, New Hampshire in 1913, receiving a patent in 1917, as he converted Ford Model T's to operate on the unplowed winter country roads of the time. Mr. White coined and held the copywrite on the name "Snowmobile". Incorporating as the Snowmobile Company, Inc. in West Ossipee, NH, kits to convert your T to a "snowmobile" were sold from 1922 thru 1929. A version replacing the front skis with wheels, known as the "sandmobile" (the original "dune-buggy"?), was used in the deserts of Africa, as well as in the Florida Everglades. Bombardier's only "first" was to build a complete machine in-house. White only sold kits to convert the owner's Model T. Popular across the northern tier of the US and in Canada (where a 38 inch gauge narrow track version, to match sleigh runners, was popular), Bombardier was likely familiar with Whites' Model T conversions. In 2000 owners of Ford Model T snowmobiles formed the "Model T Ford Snowmobile Club" dedicated to the history, documentation, preservation and use of Ford Model T snowmobiles.
Intermediate Driver

I do appreciate the early neo-classics. After all, the Excalibur was originally designed by Brooks Stevens as the Studebaker SS. What I can't abide is someone who puts their Gazelle (apologies to Singer) in a car show and writes "1929 Mercedes" on the windshield card. Obviously, those kit cars are poor imitations of imitations.
The first picture of the Mustang limousine makes it look like a flower car - enclosed front and open rear filled with flowers. It should follow the cute little Bantam hearse.

1928 “Ex” Series Phantom Replica
Chrysler should have used this as a template for the Prowler.
Intermediate Driver

Mustang limo looks like an open-air hearse..... whats with the flowers on back seat/deck...Yuk!

Hei-think-it-el Kareen-n-roller over if I take a turn too sharp
Intermediate Driver

The rustang, I couldn't find a place to throw up fast enough. Are there really people out there who consider something like this worth the work to build it? I recall seeing a Trans Am with an El Camino rear grafted to it and also with a Jag independent differential set up and a 403 Olds engine. It was up on tickets for a draw back in the nineties here in NL. I don't know where it went, but it was about as hideous a combo as that stang. Maybe even worse. There is no accounting for taste.

I'll take the pair of Vespas, thank you.
Intermediate Driver

Rode in a Bombardier like this a few years ago. Ear plugs required. Yellowstone uses them to get you to the lodge in the winter. Best time to visit there. Guided tours including horse drawn sleds through the elk herds that come down from the hills into large groups of many hundreds, some with world class racks that hunters missed.
Intermediate Driver

1982 Phillips Berlina "being built from a chassis of a Mustang or Lincoln Town Car. Last time I looked under my Mustang it didn't have a chassis! They are all uni-body's, I think they used Chevy's for chassis in a lot of those cars. Can't remember which one. Caprice or Impala ?