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Hagerty Employee

8 oddball cars to kick off 2021 with a splash of strange | Hagerty Media

2020 may be behind us, but that doesn't mean everything is back to normal in 2021. At least as far as car auctions, it's already clear that January 2021 won't be like the last year. Ordinarily we'd be looking forward to the flurry of auctions happening in and around Scottsdale, Arizona as well as Mecum's mega-sale in Kissimmee, Florida.
Advanced Driver

My brother and sister in law had a '75 Matador for a while, a hand-me-down from her parents. We used to call it "the frog" because it had frog-like eyes and a frog-like stance.
Advanced Driver

The Nash gets the prize. Nothing else is as much of an oddball. And yet I'm happy to see it, although I'm not sure I'd want it in my driveway. I'd love to know what the designer was thinking.
New Driver

It's the Nash that brings back that halo shining from the time I was about five years old. ( Yes, any Aztek gets the weirdo win, but no fond memories of those, thank God!) Our next door neighbors had a 54 Nash Ambassador, and later that same year, the husband passed away, and it sat in the garage. His wife did not know how to drive. Once a week, the "lady of the house" would come over, key in hand, and ask Mom to take her to the post office, the Rexall Pharmacy and the A&P.
Compared to our '53 Ford, sitting in the back seat of this baby was like living in the lap of luxury! I had this all to myself so I never wanted to get out when the trip was over. Once in awhile, Mrs. Miller would even let me sit up front and pretend to drive it when parked in the driveway. I remember, too, folding those front seats all the way down so the entire interior was one huge bed!
And somehow, I recall that Nash advertised on Walt Disney's first Disneyland television show, and I appreciated knowing just how terrific an Ambassador was. Despite the fact that it probably was owned by a woman with "blue hair." I'd be more than happy to have one today.
Intermediate Driver

Not listed here but my favorites would be a V8 powered Gremlin or V8 powered Chevy Monza.

Boy, that Nash has an odd front-end.

That "Mustero" is, as the article implies, ambitiously priced.

If I was going to own one, I guess it would be the Mercury, or maybe the Land Rover.
New Driver

The Runge Porsche is by far the coolest in the group! Professional craftmanship, authentic period character and probably a blast to drive and hear. Dr Porsche is smiling.
Intermediate Driver

I’m a bit of a classic muscle car fan bit I’d have the Nash in a heartbeat. Just a cute little fun car. Love it.