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8 no-reserve collector cars on the eBay menu this week

Some of us have our dream classic nailed down to the year, make, model, and paint code. Others, perhaps, prefer to trawl the back pages of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for inspiration, trusting that a quirky fender cut or charming rust bucket will catch their eye. Whichever camp you belong to, we’ve already got you covered with some online buying tips. For today, however, we decided to make life even easier on our fellow eBay scanners by selecting eight no-reserve classics up for grabs this week (all recorded in ET). They run the gamut from prewar to mid-2000s, from tattered barn find to show-car stunner, from tossable coupe to trusty pickup. Take a gander—and if you’re the winning bidder, drop us a comment so we can celebrate with you!


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Not exactly sure how a "no reserve" auction has a starting price of $14,500 as in the case of the Beetle!

New Driver