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Hagerty Employee

8 incredible rides in our sights at Amelia this week

The dust has barely settled from January's mega-auctions, but it's already March. And that means it's time for the calmer, more curated sales in Amelia Island. Just three auctions are on the schedule in Amelia this year, but they are nevertheless packed with important cars, including some mouth-watering Porsches and significant race cars.

Reminds me of the phrase I heard at a Ferrari gathering:

There's no such thing as paying 'too much', just buying too early.
Certainly the case of these eight.

I was an entree at the Oregon Coast Exotic Car Show (now defunct) some years back, and as I walked back to my entry, there was a gaggle of Ferrari Guys standing around looking at it. I asked them why they were so taken with my 280Z Black Pearl. I'll never forget one reply. "Anyone can buy a brand new Ferrari and drive it to a car show...." I was thinking to myself, "No -- Anyone can't." But I didn't say it to them directly. Just a different plane of existence.

2000GT has my vote.
Intermediate Driver

I need AC, I'm going with the Aston

That Toyota 2000GT is cute.
The connection with the Chicken Farmer (Shelby) is also curious because the first thing I thought when I saw it was "Daytona Coupe".
Upon further review from different angles, to me, the car is a mix between the Daytona, the Lamborghini Miura with a touch of Datsun 280Z.

I was thinking Lola

That Packard is stunning!
Intermediate Driver

Yep, The Packard jumped out at me also! The paint and tan rag top compliment each other. I'm guessing it's not the original color?
New Driver

Why only one American car???? That 34 Packard is one sweet ride, but the rest is nothing but 'Eurotrash' I wouldn't drive around the block........I will admit that the 54 Jaguar XK120 SE Coupe is not all that bad, but it is only European one that I would own.............
New Driver

TSK..TSK. TSK....We don't do that.. Opinions are one thing, like bellybuttons everyone has at least one,, but here consideration prevails. It's reprehensible to call "Eurotrash" 6/7 vehicles considered famous, and desirable.. Repent!

You need to get out more.

Hands down, the Talbot Lago. Made the year I was born. I will now proceed to rob a Bank or go down to the basement and print some money.......Thank you for this.

Not that you'd run to the store in it, but -- Lord Montagu of Beaulieu owned one, and complained to Tony Lago that even with straight ethylene glycol, it boiled over whenever driven in town. The response was "Well, if you insist upon abusing the automobile..."
It has to be right up there with Bugatti's "I do not build my cars to stop."

The Aston Martin is just plain sexy. Don't know if it's just me, but the back half of that Porsche Carrera looks like someone just grafted that on the front half of a good looking car! I'll pass on that one!

I agree. The Carrera GT has got it all, otherwise. Everything about it is fantastic, maybe the greatest supercar ever, except for the badly designed top / back end. It didn't work then, it doesn't work now.
Pit Crew

Think Toyota had the Jag EXKE on their mind much when they were designing the 2000GT?
New Driver

The Talbot-Lago appears to be the one that has been displayed at the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar California.
Pit Crew

As a Supra owner the only comment I have is : Boy, that 2000GT is sweet!

It's a toss up between the Packard and the Talbot Lago. Both are feasts for the eyes in completely different ways.

Some very interesting cars here. I'll take the Porsche's and the Toyota 2000GT.

I'm done with Euro-cars, simply too much money and too many problems, I finally got rid of the last one I had, almost went on a week's drunk after seeing it leave my driveway, I was that happy. At least the Packard is American, the winning side of the Atlantic.

How many more times can Hagerty retread the same me-too auction darlings?

Would've sworn there were 120 years bulging with automobilia.
Advanced Driver

The 2000GT looks better in race trim than as a rag top in You Only Live Twice. Probably the roof line improvement and fixed headlight delete. Although the color of the Packard is phenomenal.
Advanced Driver

Well I don't know why the Italians kept trying to redo Jags. While they are interesting, none of them are an improvement at all. I saw the Talbot-Lago at Pebble about 20 years ago, and it is certainly a sight to see. Imagine taking that to the grocery store.
The 2000 is by far the best looking Japanese car of all time - in short, they copied the E-Type.
As for the Packard, all Packards are magnificent things. But man is it BIG!
Pit Crew

Had the pleasure of driving a right hand drive 2000 GT while on a business trip to Boston in 1989. A friend had a collection of these cars that he stored at an airport hanger in Plymouth, MA. Bob T., if you're still out there, we had no idea these cars would become so valuable.

I think the Packard is a beautiful car, but most of the other ones are a better fit for my style of driving. Of course I would never pay those kinds of prices for something I'm actually going to drive, which is the only kind of car I purchase. The M is close, but I would buy a new Vette first for that kind of money
Intermediate Driver

I doubt any of the cars will see much, if any, time on the road under their own power. They will be driven into a transport trailer when they leave Amelia, unloaded when reaching private destination, and driven into a private multi car garage or showroom until they go up for auction the next time.
Advanced Driver

I'm acquainted online with a guy who wrenched on that 2000GT. He's a fine person, and that is a fine car.
Pit Crew

The '34 Packard in a heartbeat. I'm a sucker for those gracious 30s classics.
New Driver

I'm all for the 968 increasing in value as I picked one up about 18 months ago. Underappreciated car from the getgo. And I love that Riviera Blue.

we all know no car by its piece parts is ever worth more than $10K;

any car ‘valued’ at 100-fold that amount is sheer folly, even for a museum piece or trailer queen;

this sort of thing is what has destroyed the used car market the same way money moguls ruined horse racing and auto racing;

the sooner EV take over the industry and put this kind of madness in art museums next to suits of armour and steam locomotives, the better;