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8 cars and 2 trucks you can score for under $15,000

When it comes to collector automobiles, it can seem like your money doesn't go as far as it once did. We dug into the data to see what affordable vehicles can be had for a reasonable budget of $15,000 in #3 (Good) condition. Why #3 condition? Our research has found that, time after time, the condition of the average collector automobile falls right within this classification. A #3 car is ready for a long drive without making excuses, but it may have some flaws and/or incorrect parts.


Here are 8 cars and 2 trucks we found that fit the bill. While this is not a comprehensive list of vehicles that fall within a $15,000 budget, these are some well-known and emerging collectors to consider if you're in the market. We also posted a livestream on this subject, which you can find here.


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You can still buy a really nice carbureted BMW 1600/2002 for well under $15k.  I'd also add to the list most any BMW E30 Three series (1984-91) other than an M3--some of the more popular--and low mileage--models are creeping over the $15k barrier, but many nice ones are available--and not just the plain Jane 4 door sedans.