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7 tips for new enthusiasts

Short of comparing the car world to another transportation-focused hobby, one of the best analogies for the automotive universe is the ocean. Owning and driving a vintage vehicle is akin to playing on the beach, and debating rod ratios and piston ring thicknesses is like exploring the Mariana Trench. The two seem worlds apart, and the process of getting from one to the other requires vast amounts of time and effort—not to mention money. If you're currently standing on the beach, longing to wade out into deeper waters, we are here to help.


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NEVER, I repeat NEVER buy a car off EBAY unless you have had a professional personally inspect it. Then, still be skeptical. Two things commonly happen. First the seller can be a total liar and crook. Second, the seller can be a total idiot that thinks that old car sitting in the barn is in great shape and worth a fortune. You lose both ways.  Watch for pictures taken from 40' away. Sellers not being upfront or saying things like that coffee colored brake fluid is supposed to be that way. Finally, after doing your due diligence figure out the cost of the car plus the cost of all the parts you will have to replace plus all your labor and determine if you wouldn't be better off buying a new car. 

Old car restoration can be a costly and time consuming  hobby. Don't believe those shows  on the tube where guys buy an old car, polish it and sell it for twice the money.