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7 tips for new enthusiasts

Short of comparing the car world to another transportation-focused hobby, one of the best analogies for the automotive universe is the ocean. Owning and driving a vintage vehicle is akin to playing on the beach, and debating rod ratios and piston ring thicknesses is like exploring the Mariana Trench. The two seem worlds apart, and the process of getting from one to the other requires vast amounts of time and effort—not to mention money. If you're currently standing on the beach, longing to wade out into deeper waters, we are here to help.


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One more comment, If I may.....If you are a new home mechanic, you will make mistakes. You will break things.  You will screw stuff up in tearing things apart and in putting things back together.  Just about everything can eventually be fixed, anyway.  The mistakes are learning experiences.  Don't be afraid to screw up.  Even experienced home mechanics find that car repair can be two steps forward and one step back.  Most old men who have spent their lives restoring cars have many stories of mistakes and setbacks.  It's part of the hobby; not something to be afraid of.

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