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7 sweet surprises from the Mecum Eddie Vannoy auction

Online auctions are the new normal in the collector car world, but this week Mecum successfully pulled off something of a hybrid—limited number of bidders and guests at a live venue combined with an online platform that opened for bidding four days earlier. Held in North Carolina, the auction featured 83 vehicles (mostly muscle cars and trucks) from construction CEO Eddie Vannoy, along with hundreds of pieces of automobilia and a few motorcycles.


Total sales amounted to $7.15M, and there were absolutely no bargains to be found. Of the vehicles with a presale estimate, over 60 percent sold above their high estimate, and Mecum wasn’t exactly stingy with its predictions. While not a huge group of cars, this sale was packed with strong sales and surprises. Here are the ones that surprised us the most.


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I don't blame the sellers,they want as much as they can get.This kind of fool hardy spending does not help the car hobbist. It's inflated the value to the point that the normal people who just want a cool old car to work on are pushed out of the market. Suddenly all those people out there think that rusted shell in back of there uncle's garage that used to be a Mustang is worth thousands of dollars. News flash IT'S NOT. It's more likely it's not even a parts car.The problem is that person going to tell you that they saw one on tv sell for $70,000. 

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