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Hagerty Employee

7 of our favorite movie cars

We love to trace the myriad ways that cars (and trucks!) permeate our culture and our lives. When we’re not documenting our own adventures or analyzing the collector market or swapping an engine in the garage, we’re digging through the never-ending treasure trove of automotive movies. Though we’ve unearthed some obscure titles in recent months, our own Brad Phillips and Colin Comer decided to spend some time debating the all-time greats movie cars in a recent livestream.


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Hagerty Employee

The Bluesmobile will always be among my favorites. I guess I'll have to see if it came up in the talk.


I feel like this article is fishing for us to post about:

-two lane blacktop 55 chev

-Vanishing Point Challenger

-American Graffiti Coupe, 58 Impala, etc.

-The original Eleanor and the Nic-Cage era one people seem to love

-Bluesmobile as Brandan already posted...

-Dog van from Dumb & Dumber

-Space RV from Spaceballs

-Delorean from Back to the Future... even Toyota truck from same

-could do a whole article just from Mad Max franchise and Fast & Furious Franchise...


and so on

Hagerty Employee

It does!

New Driver

What? No Bullit?


The Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

“We’re professionals.”


The Bandit?

New Driver

You missed the best one!  The Challenger from "Vanishing Point".


New Driver

More interesting (and authentic) than some of your picks is the Morgan Three-wheeler in Peter Seller's The Party.   Ross Bateman


It’s a stretch but I also like the treatment that Doc, the 1951 Hudson Hornet, receives in the first Cars movie with Paul Newman’s voice. 


Oh, c'mon. Seriously? How can you ignore the greatest movie car of all time? Steve McQueen's Mustang in Bullitt!