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7 of our favorite movie cars

We love to trace the myriad ways that cars (and trucks!) permeate our culture and our lives. When we’re not documenting our own adventures or analyzing the collector market or swapping an engine in the garage, we’re digging through the never-ending treasure trove of automotive movies. Though we’ve unearthed some obscure titles in recent months, our own Brad Phillips and Colin Comer decided to spend some time debating the all-time greats movie cars in a recent livestream.


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As Brandon said,like many articles here"they are fishing for comments". And the community comes through. Love this part of Hagerty, the passion ,knowledge, memories of the participants. Some of my favorites: Burt's Trans Am, the Milner coupe and Falfa 55, the Cobra, Daytona, and Camaro from Gumball. Bullit's Mustang and Charger and the Audi,etc. from Ronin for the awesome chase scenes. Remembering the driver's eye of the Ferrari hammering through Paris still gives me chills.

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