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7 lesser-known Mustangs that are surprisingly uncommon

Happy birthday, Mustang! This week you're 58 years old and aging well, with a redesign scheduled for a year from now. There's been plenty of great Mustangs throughout your storied history, with Hi-Pos, Cobra Jets, Mach Is, Bosses, Five-Liters, and Cobras garnering much of the attention.

64 1/2 to 68, with exception of the 69 mach 1, are the only one I would own. After that mustangs got to big and sloppy then to small and who knows what. Finally a breath of fresh air with the redesign in 2006 or around then.
Intermediate Driver

I got a white on white 289 4 speed fastback on Jan 2, 1965. Took my honeymoon in it that Oct. That was special to me, wish I still had it, etc,etc.

Thank you for this great article for Mustang enhusiasts. So many great special editions. One more is the 1972 Sprint decor option commemorating the the 1972 Olympic Team. Certainly not something you see very often.
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Let's also not forget the 2003-2004 Mustang Mach 1's that seem to get no love or mentions. Produced in low numbers, some very low and destined to be collector items.

Definitely agree on the 03 ,04 mach. When that was introduced it had been a long time since I owned a mustang. I went home and to me my wife that I now need a mustang. Took until 2008 for her to get it. T hats when I bought my s197


As the pickers always say, not everything that's rare is valuable
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one of the lesser known Mustangs has to include the 1984 10th Anniversary GT350 edition. Ford wasn't going to do special model for their 10th anniversary, but changed their minds late in the manufacturing year. All Anniversary Mustangs were white with red interior either convertible or regular body. A 4 cylinder turbocharged 4 or 5.0 V8 engine were available with either manual or automatic transmission. If ordered with an 5.0 with automatic, the new to Mustang, EFI was used. All of the models were badged along rocker panels with GT350.
I own a 1984 20th Anniversary convertible with EFI. It is reported the only 810 (+or-) 10th 5.0 convertibles with automatic transmission and EFI were made. Certainly a lesser known Mustang.
Love your insurance and articles.

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The 64 Indianapolis Pace Car model was painted a shade of white other than Wimbledon white which was exclusive to that model. In 1966 there were something like 50 cars painted gold to commemorate 1 million Mustangs sold - a color restricted only to those Mustangs, and they're very rare now.

What about the SVO in the early 1980’s and the California Special in the late 60’s? Nobody talks about them much anymore and they are both cool.
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They're talked about a lot, which is why I didn't talk about them. I went for the less obvious.

I need that '79 Cobra exactly as pictured.
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I have always loved the Mustang, since my uncle (an engineer at Ford World Headquarters) owned one of the first in 1964 1/2. It was a yellow convertible (!) with a black interior, and I was 13. Loving The Beatles, getting ready for my voice to change, and knowing in my heart that the Lions would one day win it all (😘). Then, in 1980, my marriage fell apart. Horrible time, especially with a four year old daughter at stake. So we divorced, and in revenge I bought a 1991 Ford Mustang, Navy blue with pinstriping everywhere and every option available, including sunroof and beautiful wire wheels. And I upgraded the stereo to the finest available. It was a four-speed, of course. With air. None Prettier more than 40 years ago!
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"The 1968 rainbow of colors Mustang"
And thus, Alvin Toffler included the Mustang with its many options in his best selling book, "Future Shock".
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Wow, I've owned two of these seven! My first new car was the 1978 Mustang II with the Rallye Appearance Pkg. I had the white one which I think is better looking than the black one pictured. Mine also had the 5.0L V8 with manual transmission and T-tops. You steered it with the accelerator pedal LOL! After that I owned the 1980 Mustang Cobra, also in white over black with the Pace Car front air dam and hood riser. It looked far better after I stripped all the lime green tape off the sides!

78 Mustang.jpg


(Not mine but similar)

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Tom Benvie I’d a good friend, but he is 100% wrong about the number of 1965 Mustang pace car coupes. (Technically, all “1964.5” Mustangs are 1965s.)
We’ve argued long about the number made, but dedicated Mustang historians, including the period Ford dealers I’ve spoken to, all agree that there were only about 190 pace car coupes built. I own one myself as part of my pace car collection. My research collaborates the conventional wisdom. Tom and I will continue to vigorously disagree about this data misinterpretation he made. Lol…