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7 Ferrari-branded collectibles for the ultimate Prancing Horse fan

RM Sotheby’s wrapped up its “Open Roads, Fall” online auction last week, and other than the nearly 80 vehicles on offer, there was plenty of automobilia and garage art to go around, too. The bulk of that haul was a fantastic trove of Ferrari memorabilia, including manuals and brochures from the 1950s and ’60s, original luggage sets, racing posters, and rare parts. If you’ve ever paid attention to sales of such objects, you know that the F-word in automobilia tends to attract more attention (and more money) than the average relic. So although there were several actual Ferraris in this auction, and a very early production Ford GT that sold for $522,500, these seven Prancing Horse pieces that caught our eye.


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Intermediate Driver

What? No one tested the waters on a Acer Ferrari laptop. I wonder what they would sell for to the RM Sotheby's crowd.