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Hagerty Employee

7 cars to watch at RM Sotheby’s expanded online auction this May

There are so many collector car owners eager to move past the health crisis and stretch their legs, minds, and wallets that RM Sotheby’s has expanded its upcoming online auction. Bidding in RM Sotheby’s Driving into Summer event is scheduled to begin on May 21 at 1 p.m. ET, with staggered closures on lots now extended to two days—starting May 28 at 11 a.m. ET and continuing May 29—due to “significant consignor interest.”


Topping a diverse lineup of more than 100 motor cars, plus automobilia, are an early production 1995 Ferrari F50 and a rare 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO.


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New Driver

Holy Mackerel Andy, what a gorgeous car!!!

Crazy money, but, then again, a rarity that's worth it IMO.


If the 72 Datsun 240Z goes for that much, then I’ll be on the lookout for one to restore. GEEZ!

Intermediate Driver

"The things that dreams are made of."   Why pay these prices that makes the vehicle undriveable?  If I buy a car it has to be something I can drive anytime.   I once bought a used Acura Legend Coupe at a really great price.  The salesperson grabbed my attention when I complained driving such a low mileage vehicle.  "You bought it to drive" he said.    Truer word were never spoken.   I drove that car for another 110,000 miles and loved every mile of it.  Money means too much to me to place it on something I'm hesitant to use.  If I wanted to invest like that I would get married.   Owning a vehicle is a commitment to use it as it was intended.


It would be great to be rich though and drive one of these million dollar cars as much as you want, or as little, and have different ones for different occasions! You could be like Warren Buffet, who could afford it, but prefers to drive a station wagon, I heard. The point is, I enjoy seeing these rare cars, even if I can't afford them and it's fun trying to find one you can afford,that you might just be able to get, one day! 


Utter claptrap. One could easily make the converse argument that owning a low-miles survivor is a commitment to preserving it for future generations to appreciate. But in the end, if your name's on the title, the decision is up to you.


Exactly right, if I build it I am going to drive it. I don't even understand collecting things to sit around and look at them. Looking at them is a pleasure but feeling like you can't drive them destroys three quarters of the real pleasure value.


Intermediate Driver

I agree that the 240Z was a bargain but at 125mph top end, that's about equal to the 911T.  However, the Series 2 E-type will best that by at least 15mph.    

Intermediate Driver

I don't watch autos that are way out of my price range. Think you can put some 20-40k cars to watch? Does your readership consist mostly of multi-millionaires? If so, I'm in the wrong parking lot and need to move to the used, nothing over 40k lot. 


Go to the article about the Studebaker collection selling at auction in Minnesota.  It's ALL under $40k.


Yeah, wrong site for you...try Bring a Trailer.  Plenty of cars for you but also ones that you will complain about as well. 

Pit Crew

I’d actually take that Trans Am as my first choice.

Intermediate Driver

Absolutely beautiful examples of automotive excellence. Wish I could afford them. Instead, just bought my wife a low mileage BMW Z3 for an anniversary gift. Great way to celebrate 36 years of marriage and relieve the weird times we are in!


congratulation on buying a z-3 I own one and they are sweet for the price!


New Driver

The 1972 Datsun 240Z is a very pretty car, but the comment "And its top speed of 125 mph was better than the Porsche 911T and Jaguar E-Type of the day" is partly incorrect.

The 1972 Jaguar E Type with its V12 engine had a top speed way north of 125 MPH, and with a zero to 60 time of 7 seconds was way faster than the 240Z. 

I wish people would check their facts before making outlandish statements like that.






I was thinking of putting my 1986 Pontiac Tojan (Trans Am) up for auction. It’s an odd ball car for sure with only an estimated 136 ever built from 1985 to 1991, and a total of only 24 being T-tops. I’m thinking if someone want rare and obscure this is the car... let me know how to get it on the auction block. The car is in Brick NJ. Thanks john 732-five00-8120

Pit Crew

what about the 1973 and up American cars that are not muscle or special edition cars? never hear about them


Why would you?