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7 brake system basics you should know

When it comes to an automobile’s critical systems, the one that makes you stop might just be the most important. Anyone that has experienced the sheer terror of brake failure will likely agree with that assessment, as the joy of driving dissolves when your safety relies on you steering your beloved vehicle into the softest thing in sight. The first step to working on brakes is understanding how they work. Here are seven brake system terms to get you started on the basics ...


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I believe that the intent of this article is the provide "basic" information about common automotive brake systems. It doe that clearly. It could be described as the first chapter of "Brakes 101". The following chapters would illustrate or discuss the technical issues associated with each braking system such as types of braking material, adjustment and maintenance of these systems. So it is what it is nothing more. It is a good article you would be surprised how many automotive enthusiasts do not have knowledge of basic systems in their vehicles like brakes.

Pit Crew