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7 barn finds emerging for sale this week, from Boss 429 to Porsche 356 | Hagerty Media

Who doesn't love a good barn find? Throwing open the doors to find a dust-covered classic is our hobby's version of uncovering buried treasure. RM Sotheby's has seven pieces of such treasure up for grabs through its "Open Roads, March" online auction this week.
New Driver

I don't know maybe it's just me, but I grew up with most of these cars and it looks like a group of ugly ducks! With the exception of the Mustang and that little yellow thing, which is interesting, none are anything I'd be interested in. However that doesn't say that they are junk, I still at this age appreciate anything I see on the road without plastic bumpers. I just hope they find good homes and are brought back for some ones enjoyment. Ugly or not, they are still some bodys dream car.....or dare I say nightmare!!
New Driver

As other’s have said, most of the cars are destined to be put back as resto mods.
That’s not a bad thing, I’ve been watching a classic car auction and the numbers are through the roof.
Most interesting is the restomods are getting bigger money than a lot of the numbers matching cars!

The Ferrari would be a fun car to put some new technology into. Take a newer car, such as a V8 powered Mustang, and wrap that old body around it. Or make a tube frame for it...
New Driver

The Ferrari would be cool to put a modern chassis and engine in, I bet the only thing holding that Porsche together is rust, lol.
They leave the dirt on the cars, such dramatic theater.