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Hagerty Employee

'68 Cyclone: Honoring an unsung 428 on 4/28

Outside of a few European manufacturers, automakers have strayed away from offering half a dozen body styles of each model they produce. In the '60s and early '70s, however, just about every manufacturer gave buyers multiple versions of cars. We're not just talking about two-door, four-door, coupe, and wagon, either.

I'm too young to have ever seen them in the wild, but something that has grown on me of late is the mid 60s full-sized fastback cars.

You take that roofline and put it on the squared-off roof designs that followed and it's amazing how good that would look.
Intermediate Driver

Just not to confuse things, the Cyclone (Montego) and Torino (Fairlane) were classed as mid-size cars. The full-size Galaxie and equivalent Mercury models are considerably larger still.

V8s For Vocations had a drawing for a Cyclone Spoiler last year, and though I bought tickets I didn't win it :(. One of the cool features of the Spoiler is the flip down grill that allowed for removal of the cam (I think) with only removing the radiator, not sure how practical that was or if the NASCAR radiator had a hole in it for such things. Regardless, a cool car. And lest we forget the mid sixties Bonneville Fastback, that too was a cool ride with a trunk the size of Toledo.

Check out V8s For Vocations, a good little charity with a gear head priest at the helm. It's a good way to donate 25 bucks to a worthy cause and a chance to win a cool car.
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Photo shows a '69 Cyclone with the badge in the middle of the fine-grid grille.
'68 Cyclone had coarse-grid grille with no badge.
Unless it's a '68 with the grille changed out.
Details matter, kids...
Intermediate Driver

Yes, definitely a ‘69 model. In fact, the “Cyclone CJ” was a separate model, and only for 1969.

My Father was a Ford Dealer in the Late 60’s to the mid 70’s… I drove pretty much every Ford Muscle Car of that era… While my main ride was a 70 Boss 302 which in MHO was the best all round muscle car of the era the fastest was a cousin of the written Mercury Cyclone GT… It was a 1970 brite red Torino GT with the 428 CobraJet engine 4speed/4.33 gears and a “shaker” hood…Cant remember if it had the Factory Drag-Pack option but it was Great looking and Great sounding …My older brother who worked at my dads dealership called to tell me that this new Torino just came in so went to look at it and DRIVE it…The dealership was located on a semi isolated state highway and there was a section of the highway where we “tested” the interesting cars…It wasSlightly downhill , there was a straight section about 2 miles…The acceleration was breathtaking, almost Brutal … Beautiful & Fast a great car …
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For 1970, the FE based 428 CJ was only available in Mustang and Cougar. It was replaced as top dog by the new 429CJ and 429 SCJ engines in Torino and Cyclone, with or without Ram air.

why not call them a 'small bore' 460?

the "FE" was FOMOCO's best design.
but I did like the "400M" in 1980 1ton PU

I like the big block Torinos. Mercury Cyclones and Cougars are pretty cool too.