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Hagerty Employee

'60s Toyota sedan on world stage, Lambo to Le Mans in 2024, a Moke for Bond fans

Intake: Edgardo Lim has the distinct honor of being the first Filipino to show a car at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Lim was invited to join the 2019 Japanese Automotive Invitational with his 1966 Toyota Corona, a vehicle he lovingly restored over two years as part of a decades-long passion for restoring cars.

Good for Edgardo Lim to take a "common" (never seen one in my life) car to that level.

The Moke company needs to get into a modern movie as the hench vehicle. That's hilarious --but their current marketing people are smart.
Intermediate Driver

The Corona was a great car. While my Mom's Pontiac was in the shop she had that as a loaner. She loved it. Peppy, easy to drive.

Briefly: A friend of mine and I took a ride to Monterey from San Francisco to sightsee and since we were on a budget in those days we rented a Corolla. I was very impressed with the ride quality and quality of assembly both interior and exterior. Ours was an automatic if I remember correctly and performed pretty well staying with freeway traffic and so on. There's
an old Camry sitting forlon on one of the side streets in my village. The hunt of the owner is
on.............Very well done Mr. Lim.

........"in which going sideways was more important than speed."

Old habits are difficult to break Mr. Block.
New Driver

Nice to see this car get the love it deserves.
I had a second hand one 35 years ago, and drove the snot out of it. Same color as well.
No one knew what it was in the mid 80s.
It took me awhile to appreciate the less is more approach, coming from a huge Pontiac land barge prior to this car.
Simple, clean lines, dependable as the day was long.
Keeping the revs up and bombing the high desert hills on Highway 138 was glorious.
Simple, clean, dependable, and fun at the limits.
No wonder the Japanese succeeded so well in America.

Nice to see the Corona get the attention. Modest cars need love too.
Intermediate Driver

What a beautiful restoration by someone who really cares about his work. I,m not finding that kind of honesty in restoring a 1983 300TD. I took it to one shop for some paint work. When I came back I noticed some rust they missed and the owner came out , took his pocket knife, and scrapped off the rust. Needless to say were it not for my sense of humor, which has carried me well throughout my life, I was tempted to hit one out to center field using his cranium instead of a baseball.