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60 years isn’t too late for this dream hot rod

Dick DeLuna’s obsession with post-war-style hot rods began during his childhood in the central California city of Salinas. As a high school student, he’d man the timing lights at the Salinas airport when the local car clubs would hold drag races. Those hopped-up flathead racers always fascinated him. Although he eventually became a car collector, he never got around to owning his high school dream car. That is, until he attended a garage party around 2009—one of the gatherings Rolling Bones holds every February.


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I usually hate the fake patina and even more 'cleared over' stuff. This one looks fine. Not my usually sought out style (original 'hot rods' of the War Gen crowd) but certainly special among them. Wish there wuz more info (again, not my bailey wick) on the alternative to the 'hair pin' steer link. Looks interesting~

Thnx for the pic & 'a bit of the story' !

Intermediate Driver