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Hagerty Employee

60 years isn’t too late for this dream hot rod

Dick DeLuna’s obsession with post-war-style hot rods began during his childhood in the central California city of Salinas. As a high school student, he’d man the timing lights at the Salinas airport when the local car clubs would hold drag races. Those hopped-up flathead racers always fascinated him. Although he eventually became a car collector, he never got around to owning his high school dream car. That is, until he attended a garage party around 2009—one of the gatherings Rolling Bones holds every February.


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New Driver

Beautiful car and nice story,,,,,,,,,except.

If they left the shop for Bonneville they would have headed east and not west.

It is less than 800 miles from Salinas to Bonneville so tyey couldn't drive 600 miles each day.

Ed Pink Racing Engines are located in Van Nuys, CA., and not Visalia, CA.

Hagerty Employee

Rolling Bones is located in New York, that's east of Bonneville by about 2300 miles. Ed Pink Racing Engines is in Van Nuys, but Ed Pink has nothing to do with that anymore and the car is still in Visalia.

Intermediate Driver

Cockshutt Tractor grille huh...


Don't try to say that three times real fast.  Google says that the original name of the manufacturer was the Brantford Plow Co. but it appears James G Cockshutt wanted his name out there...  HA!


I must sat though, I LUST after 33/34 Ford 3-window coupes and 2-door sedans and one of my favorite design features is the heart-shaped grille.  I've never seen any other mod that was better but this Cockshutt grille comes real close.


Well done!


I usually hate the fake patina and even more 'cleared over' stuff. This one looks fine. Not my usually sought out style (original 'hot rods' of the War Gen crowd) but certainly special among them. Wish there wuz more info (again, not my bailey wick) on the alternative to the 'hair pin' steer link. Looks interesting~

Thnx for the pic & 'a bit of the story' !

New Driver

The more I look at it , it is one of the greatest hotrods of all time! Why, because it's not a kit car 32 or a copy of everyone's vision. Rather a real orginal Hot Rod, that I keep going back to look at for inspiration!!