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Hagerty Employee

6 vintage motorcycles to buy based on your favorite car

You hang around folks who love vintage cars enough and you'll inevitably meet vintage motorcycle guy or gal. They mean well, love all things with oil pumps (and some without) but will take every opportunity to espouse the virtues of the under-appreciated vintage motorcycle world. "You can store a dozen in the space of a single Cadillac!" he or she will exclaim before shifting to extolling the virtues of the fun-per-dollar that few four-wheel contraptions can rival. Allow them to ramble. Contemplate their points. Come to your own conclusions. You now want to buy a motorcycle. I thought so. Good for you. Now what do you buy?


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Pit Crew

And that would be obviously paired with the world's fastest production car, the ________________________________ .    

New Driver

I am from Canada and I have 5 collector cars with Hagerty. I ride my 58 Harley about 300 miles a summer.  Our summers are short and our weather sucks. Why can I not get insurance from you?


New Driver

too bad the bikes listed arent vintage (except the Harleys)

New Driver

oops. and the BMW. 


New Driver

on the other hand.

ive owned a Morris minor, and an Ariel 500.

4 Vauxhalls (3 vivas and a victor) and 3 Nortons (68 fastback, 68 P11A and 72 Commando)

A 68 Rover TC2000 and a 70 RE Interceptor II i traded it for.

3 Mazda trucks and two Yamahas (TY250 and TX650) and 2 hondas (CB350 and CB450)

A 95 318TI, a 98 M Roadster and an R60

and 8 Moto Guzzis, but no italian cars

New Driver

A great pairing would be to drive a Triumph Spitfire and ride a BSA Spitfire. 😜 But I drive a Triumph Spitfire (and IIA Landy) and ride a Norton Commando. I think it’s THE best combo. 😊👍 

Pit Crew

How about some attention paid to a 1973 AMF 125 CC Harley Davidson? Is this model an actual hummer? What would a basket case model be worth?

New Driver

R90S, not R69S. 

Intermediate Driver

I expected to see a Cushman scooter here, maybe with a Nash Metropolitan.

Pit Crew

Yeah this article should only have been about older vehicles. Commando is a great choice paired up with a 60s, early 70s British something. Made in England!

Vincent Black Shadow if a generation earlier.