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Hagerty Employee

6 sweet bikes that broke our price guide at 2021 Mecum Vegas | Hagerty Media

January's Las Vegas motorcycle sales often set the tone of the motorcycle market in much the same way auctions in Kissimmee and Scottsdale are perceived to in the collector car market. Judging by how they went this year, motorcycles will be a hot commodity for the rest of 2021.
Intermediate Driver

Whoa! I gotta go. Let’s see what’s on Craigslist...
Pit Crew

Well that ends my chances of buying a pristine 64 Bonneville any time soon

Makes me wish I still had the 67 Triumph Bonneville I sold in 1976 because I thought riding back & forth to work on I-25 in Denver was too dangerous. Visited Denver 7 years ago and 1976 was wide open highways compared to now.
Intermediate Driver

It's just going to be harder to find that bargain collector bike, but, good to see that there is a market for one if you find it or if you have one in the back of the garage that would like to see the light of day again.
Intermediate Driver

The TT sale didn't really surprise me. Original, unridden, ultra-lo-miles bikes have always meant that you can throw out the price guide, depending on who's in the room.

"...intended prove Honda..."?
New Driver

Did not think the TT Special came with a speedometer, only a tach.
New Driver

True enough that there were some very expensive examples. But, I saw British twins from the 60's, the best years in my mind, sell for $3,000 to $5,000 before buyers fees. Hard to believe that an original Brit bike would bring so little. The only explanation that I can think of is that seeing them on TV as opposed to in-person must be the difference. I would like to hear from anyone that was there
about this.
Pit Crew

I'm going out on a limb and predict early Sportsters as the next big motorcycle bubble,only because I own one.

If you're wishing you had bought that Rune back when it was new, fret not! You can buy all kinds brand-new, unusual and retro exotic bikes today for less than $55k. BMW has their killer R18, Indian has its Roadmaster Elite, or HD's Electra Glide Revival, or Moto Guzzi's Eldorado to name a few. New, reliable, fun. Old bikes are great for sure, but you only get one chance to make a mistake. Road rash and impossible to replace parts would almost guarantee these auction bikes will never be on the road.

Well, the passage of time since I first saw a Rune has not changed my opinion. Good Heavens is that thing ugly!
Pit Crew

Typical auction inflation pricing.
Anything to keep interest levels high.
Who, in their right mind, believes these prices?
Unfotunately this is what auction houses are doing to the collector market. Prices like this scare away anyone who is considering a classic.
Of course, auctioneers also make money from entry fees and advertising,.
Entertainment at any cost!
Intermediate Driver

Yep, Auctions are manipulated. I have watched it happen. Do yourself a favor folks and stay away from them!
Pit Crew

WOW!! Prices are like those for real estate hear in Canada! Just going sky high!

I have a 1976 Kawasaki KH250 with less than 9000 miles on the speedo and I wonder what she is worth?
Oh, well, I guess I'll go for 3 or 4 rides this summer and put on another 200 miles!
Pit Crew

Nice bikes. Too bad Hagerty won't insure them as "classics".
Hagerty Employee

Hey there @Sutton12 ! In most cases in the US, these are bikes we can offer coverage on. If you have a specific situation, shoot me a PM with your name and email and Id be happy to look into it! 

Pit Crew

Hi Darold: I am actually in Canada (Sarnia Ontario). I have a 1966 Honda 150 Benley that I have owned since I was 13. I have restored it and I tried to insure it last year through Hagerty and was told that they don't insure classic bikes. It is a definite classic that would only be driven a few times in the summer so I don't want to pay a lot. 


Still in high school in 1962, an older friend from Manchester, NY, Charlie Tricky, bought a new Bonneville 650 & stopped to give me a ride. He just got it & I think I was his first passenger so he wasn't proficient at handling characteristics with two riders. Long story short, we survived but it was a close call. Lost control at close to 100 on a curve, up a ditch bank & airborne flying past a house & landing in a field still upright & slowing down to a stop. Charlie let me drive on the way back. Thank you Jesus.
Intermediate Driver

I never saw a T120TT with up-swept pipes before
Intermediate Driver

I still have my 1970 350 Big Horn enduro.....not for sale....well maybe for $$$$$$$$$$$$$ LOL
New Driver

A buddy of mine dropped by one saturday morning back in 1975 with his freshly purchased Z1 900 Kawasaki . He let me drive it around the block. When I returned an hour latter, I Looked at my 68 Bonneville , got in the car , drove to north Hollywood Kawasaki and bought one out the door for under two grand. Drove that Kawi for almost 20 years . When I posted it for sale on a wheels and deals , It sold within an hour. It was in pristine condition for 1600 dollars.
New Driver

In '77, I bought the Z1-R cafe racer. Nobody could touch me.
Intermediate Driver

When you win an auction, that means you were the only one in the room that thought the item was worth that much money.
New Driver

Well the Honda Rune gets my vote for the damn ugliest thing on two wheels, the idiot who designed that had
to be on drugs or needed some and the person who would buy one had to be the same
I almost bought a Triumph Bonneville I believe in 1962, but when I went into the show room every Triumph had a drip pan placed beneath the engine, I asked why and the dealer told me that they all leak from poor machining and that it will quit after break-in, well even though I was 16 I wasn't dumb enough to believe that, so i bought my neighbors 1955 Hydra-Glide for $200.00, he wanted the new Electra-glide with the push a button starter.
New Driver

Well after reading my reply to the article I realized that I was a little crude about peoples tastes, I normally am not this rough.

My comment about the Honda Rune will not change, but about the people buying it,  I apologize.

I might add they need to change the name from Rune To Ruin.

I have owned a Suzuki 500 twin and one of the first 1000 CC bikes from Japan.

I also Had a Yamaha Venture Royal, I went back to the Harley's, Every new Harley I removed the electronic ignition and installed points and a kick starter, yes even my 80 cu. in. EVO had a kick starter.

After 60 years of riding motorcycles I had to stop because my right leg gave out after kicking Harleys all those years........Ha!Ha!