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6 pros and cons of vintage car ownership

If you got all your vintage car information from TV shows, you’d likely think all classics had paint shinier than the sun and, if they didn’t, had to be restored in 30 days or someone would be forced to sell their shop. The truth is stranger than fiction, though. When contemplating a vintage car purchase, or justifying the one (or two, or three …) you currently own, you’ll waffle between the joys and the inconveniences. The conclusion we reach from weighing these pros and cons will be different for everyone, but don’t shy away; join the conversation and add your own reasons, either for or against, in the comments.


I wrote out some of the points of vintage car ownership I have personally debated and discussed with friends and family over the years. These have shaped both my collection and my life, and hopefully they can help shape yours.


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It's a shame that Nader killed the Corvair.  The problem was the early ones had a swing axle.  Drivers who weren't used to handling the resulting tendency for the rear of the car trying to get to apex ahead of the nose were in for a painful surprise.  Having owned a couple of Porsche 356's and a Mercedes 300S coupe, that had  swing rear axles even though it was front engined, I found them to be great driving cars.  GM later went to non swingers but by that time the vairs carried a stigma. More the pity because it could have evolved in to the poor man's Porsche.

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