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6 pros and cons of vintage car ownership

If you got all your vintage car information from TV shows, you’d likely think all classics had paint shinier than the sun and, if they didn’t, had to be restored in 30 days or someone would be forced to sell their shop. The truth is stranger than fiction, though. When contemplating a vintage car purchase, or justifying the one (or two, or three …) you currently own, you’ll waffle between the joys and the inconveniences. The conclusion we reach from weighing these pros and cons will be different for everyone, but don’t shy away; join the conversation and add your own reasons, either for or against, in the comments.


I wrote out some of the points of vintage car ownership I have personally debated and discussed with friends and family over the years. These have shaped both my collection and my life, and hopefully they can help shape yours.


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Kyle is a very thoughtful and intelligent writer.  I always enjoy his columns and they often evoke a reaction in me.  In this column, he writes about the pros and cons of vintage car ownership, as if it's a choice.  For me, it wasn't.  From my very earliest recollections, I have been a car fanatic.  There was no alternative path for me.  It was always going to be cars and motorcycles.  And because I wasn't born into a rich family, I always lusted for the cars in the back row of the used car lots.


I was raised in a working class trades family.  Everyone in my family worked with their hands.  So if I was going to love cars, I was also going to work on them myself.  There are some pros and cons about that. 


I wasn't raised to wear a suit, white shirt and tie to work, but somehow that happened.  I can't tell you how many professional meetings I attended on Monday mornings, where it was clear that I was the only one who had been working on greasy cars all weekend.  I was often embarrassed by that grease that just wouldn't come off my fingers.  One of the cons of classic car ownership is that class thing.  Some people simply look down upon those who get their hands dirty.


That is even true among some members of the car community.  This next comment is going to piss some people off, but when I was a member of my local Porsche club, there was a very distinct sense of awe mixed with contempt by some of the members when they considered those (few) of us who worked on our own cars. 


In many ways, it's a lot easier or at least more natural to own a classic if you can rebuild it yourself.  It gets expensive and frustrating when you have to rely upon someone else to fix that old machine in your garage.  And driving a car that you have restored has to be one of the most satisfying things that I can think of.  It takes a lot of skill, discipline and determination to tear apart a car and get it back together again.   Restoration of old cars gives us all a little more self reliance in a complicated world.  For me, the Pros far exceed the Cons.  Thanks for your article, Kyle!

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