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Hagerty Employee

6 of the coolest speedos in production cars

The amount of importance put on how the exterior of a car looks is huge, and the driver is likely the owner who selected a car based on that outer appearance. However, when we drive we don’t get to see the outside. Instead, we’re left gazing through a clear windscreen with an occasional glance at the gauge cluster.


If you are less concerned with the outside appearance and more concerned with what you will see from the driver's seat, here are six cars that might be worth considering for your next purchase.


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‘64-‘66 Thunderbird red “thermometer” sliding in glass tube is also cool!

New Driver

What?! No Porsche speedometer?! Porsche rightfully put the speedometer where it belongs, to the right of the Tach and smaller. Iconic

New Driver

Yes, if there ever was a cool speedometer, it was the 64-66 Thunderbird. It should of made number One on this list, but I guess its all in the likes of the person writing the article huh?

Pit Crew

Oh, *that* kind of speedo...


Boeing is not the builder of the DC-10


How about the Citroen CX Series 1 speedo? Nothing else like it...


1960 Buicks with speedo reflected in an adjustable mirror or 61/62  Oldsmobiles with color changing bar (green to orange to red as speed increased)


Early Volvo P1800 instrument cluster must be up there

Intermediate Driver

The green translucent plastic that backlit the speedo on the 1955 and '56 Ford's was pretty cool. And the art deco font on the 1946 GMC truck just takes you back in time.