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6 of the coolest speedos in production cars

The amount of importance put on how the exterior of a car looks is huge, and the driver is likely the owner who selected a car based on that outer appearance. However, when we drive we don’t get to see the outside. Instead, we’re left gazing through a clear windscreen with an occasional glance at the gauge cluster.


If you are less concerned with the outside appearance and more concerned with what you will see from the driver's seat, here are six cars that might be worth considering for your next purchase.


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Almost anyone who has driven a mid 80s Corvette would never put that dash on a list like this, simply because they were such piles of utter garbage, looks be damned.  If you even breathed on it wrong, it would chirp, creak, break, or have something randomly fall off.  The cheapness of GM in their construction of these (and C4 interiors in general), and in their apparent lack of (or interest in) quality control during this time is difficult to surpass (although I'm sure they gave it all they had in trying...)  Gauge clusters are more than just their looks.  They are just as much about functionality and visibility as design.  One thing's for sure, they are NOT about sounding like a wooden pirate ship listing badly on its way to its imminent demise at the bottom of the ocean...

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