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6 obscure car songs to liven up your next cruise | Hagerty Media

If you have fuel in your veins, chances are you've read articles about car songs. Heck, you've probably read one or two on this website! But generally they tend to be the same, old same-old that are overplayed at local car cruises.
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Pit Crew

How about "Hot Rod Lincoln"; "My Little Nash Rambler"; "Cadillac Coupe Deville"; " My 409"
New Driver

1. Cadillac Baby (Bill Sherrell)
2. A Cadillac Ride (Billy Lee & The Rugbeaters)
3. Let's Go For A Ride (The Collegians)
4. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache (The Playtones)
5. Convertible Car (Wally Hughes)
6. My Old Yellow Car (Gordie Sampson)
7. Rockin' Little Roadster (Gunnar Nelson)
8. Pick Up Truck (Johnny Neel)
9. Hey Little Cobra (Ripchords)
10. Drive Faster (Vicksburgs)

Also Car Talk (the old NPR show) put some albums with obscure songs on them.
Pit Crew

Y'wanna git low down & funky on your cruise, play ZZ Top's "Chevrolet" -

I'm not exactly sure that “The Hot Rod Song” is a car song. 😉
New Driver

You’re absolutely right, nothing to do with automobiles, it’s pathetic!
New Driver

Shifting Gears by Johnny Hammond, 500 Bucks by The Reverend Horton Heat, 1965 GTO by The Amazing Crowns
Advanced Driver

  • Galaxie 500 by the Rev
  • '69 El Camino- SCOTS
Pit Crew

Back in 92 and 93 I worked at a Ford/Mercury dealership. I was a big Alan Jackson fan and played Mercury Blues in the Grand Marquis sitting in the showroom.

Richard Thompson - MBB-GT
Awesome song for those loving the British sports car scene!
Intermediate Driver

And for motorcyclists he does a great tune 1952 Vincent Black Shadow
New Driver

Correction 'Vincent Black Lightning 1952'
Intermediate Driver

Those 6 are awful, what about the beach boys or jan and dean. I also like "thunder road" by robert mitchum.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as obscure, however, I could not believe my 1950s ears when I heard it for the first time. "Transfusion" by Nervous Norvus. Those timeless lyrics. ...pass the claret to me Barret and ...make it type O. It was really about safe driving, however, a lot of parents perceived it oppositely.
Pit Crew

One of the first 'Cartunes' to make the top 40 Billboard Charts was "Maybellene" a rock and roll song written and recorded by the late, great Chuck Berry, A Classic!
James Dean first heard 'Maybellene' on a juke box in Marfa, Texas when he was filming GIANT in July, 1955. The Coupe de Ville Cadillac...doing about 95!
Lee Raskin, Porsche historian/author
Pit Crew

The Demonics! Awesome! Thanks Diego for exposing me to something new on a cold winter's day,

And like 1/2 of all the Beach Boys' songs!
Pit Crew

"She Loves My Car" by Ronnie Millsap is a criminally underrated song.
New Driver

Stumbled onto this years ago
Pit Crew

squarepusher – "my red hot car" from "go plastic" (2001)
die warzau – "brand new convertible car" from "big electric metal bass face" (1981)
severed heads – "big car" from "rotund for success" (1980)
david bowie – "always crashing in the same car" from "low" (1977)
nine inch nails – "another crashed car" from "ghosts vi: locusts" (2020)
madness – "driving in my car" from "it's ... madness" (1983)
captain beefheart – "dali's car" from "trout mask replica" (1970)
dali's car – "dali's car" from "the waking hour" (1984)

are these obscure enough?

Well, there’s a reason they’re obscure.

Your gonna drive me to drinkin, if ya don't stop drivin that hot rod Lincoln.

The one to be very forgotten is Sammy Hagar Boozin and Cruzin. You will never hear that played anymore.

Bad enough His Trans Am Highway Wonderland is seldom played.
Intermediate Driver

Long White Cadillac . Dwight Yoakam.

There is a reason these are obscure. It's like a rare option. The reason it's rare is because nobody wanted it back in the day.
Pit Crew

What no Transfusion. "Never, never, never gonna speed again, slip the juice to me Bruce" Nervous Norvus. 1956.
Intermediate Driver

How about SS 396, Paul Revere-Raiders and Rocket 88, Jackie Brenston-Delta Cats. You can listen to both songs on
My Daddy had a 88 in 1949. His words were, “it would fly”. My Chevelle does pretty good too.
Intermediate Driver

On my first post about the s ss396 and rocket 88, you can listed to them on, (I left out) UTube.😜

Also Highway Star by Deep Purple - No body's gonna take my car I'm gonna race it to the ground, break the speed of sound, killer machine; got everything. Big fat tires, EVERYTHING! I LOVE IT. I NEED IT! Wait you mean this isn't really about a car?
Intermediate Driver

BUY YOU A CHEVROLET BY FOGHAT listen to this tune in your muscle car Camaro Iroc Z 28
Intermediate Driver

Well, ya got the lyrics hacked up, but had to throw a Like on it for the comment at the end! 😂👍

After listening to these for the first time I have to say, to put it nicely, they're not my cut of tea. Give me Kathy Mattea, 455 Rocket or Jerry Lee Lewis, Crown Victoria Custom 1951 Ford to get my blood pumpin'.

Judas Priest - Heading out to the Highway

Whatever you do, do not watch the video— it is so bad it ruins the song.
New Driver

Well, here are two songs from two of my albums:

"43" which was written back when NASCAR had 43 cars in the grid. Hated to see them change that format (except for the Daytona 500).

and then "Take a Ride" which was off my first album

got a third CD coming out with yet another car related song titled "Oblivion" but still working on that.

Bud Reichard
New Driver

Heck, I forgot my song "King of Survival" which is about endurance racing. Listen here:

Pit Crew

One of my favorites is Racing in the street by Bruce Springsteen. Don't be fooled by the title though it's more of a cruising tune.
Pit Crew

"February morning, my car won't start today, I turned the key at 8:03 and my battery passed away
in my automobile, in my automobile, in my automobile gonna drive it around the world" John Prine.
New Driver

Here is a live version of “God Made Convertibles,” a great mid-‘80s rocker about a 1966 GTO, from a Christian rock band named WHITEHEART. Music fans will recognize Tommy Simms on bass and Gordon Kennedy on lead guitar — co-writers of Eric Clapton’s hit, “Change the World” and more.
New Driver

A great and funny one is "One Piece at a Time" by Johnny Cash. My grandpa shared it with us. Love it!
Intermediate Driver

Wet Dream by Kip Addotta
If you don't remember this one, you have to listen to it here:
New Driver

Is Teenage Head's "Top Down" too well know to make the list? My favourite blasting along in my "98 Z3

Diego, thank you for this. I am a former music producer mostly in classical and jazz, not pop. I want to say something about the photograph above the article. The Corvette, and I am not an enthusiast,
is the best looking car in the picture. It's probably a Mid 50s, a handsome car that communicates Duntov's vision as does the '53-'55. The mid Sixties were very attractive as well. The latest model is
atrocious, insensitive, and hostile.

I've long said that the last attractive (to me) Corvette was made in 1967.  I make some small exception for the Z05, in about 2003.  But then again, NO car made in recent years can hold a candle, styling-wise, to cars from the '30s through the mid-'70s, to my way of thinking.  Good God, when you can't tell what it is without looking for badges, 'cause they all look the same, whaddaya expect?


Lord, Mr. Ford by Jerry Reed and One Piece At a Time by Jonny Cash, for 2 lighthearted songs celebrating the "other side" of car culture.
Pit Crew

If no one else will do it, let me be the one:
1. "You Can't Catch Me" by John Lennon (yes, THAT John Lennon, of Yoko Ono fame) --
2. "Ol '55 by Tom Waits. Eagles did a fuller cover:
Intermediate Driver

Your gonna drive me to drinkin', if ya don't stop drivin', that Hot Rod Lincoln...............

I'm unaware of any of these songs - and I've probably seen in person almost every major and minor music group since the early 1960s - including greats such as Ray Charles, the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys several times, Jan & Dean, Janis Joplin, Santana, Credence Clearwater, Grateful Dead, Eagles, James Brown, Chuck Berry, and the Surfaris to name just a few.

Man, avideo, you got to see some of the greats!  I don't really understand why, but very few things go together better than cars and music.

New Driver

Back in the 60's Oscar Brand put out a series of "Backroom ballads and Bawdy songs". He also produced a LP of "Sports Car songs" some of which were "Viva the Mille Miglia, What shall we do with the Baby, and sports car heaven".
New Driver

I can't believe no one has mentioned "Hot Stocker" by Jan & Dean

"Her locked rear end really makes her hustle
And that V8 mill's got a lot of muscle
Quarter mile ET 10.9
That '57 Chevy - is nothin' but mine"

The version of Mercury Blues by Meatloaf is amazing. Dare you not to drive faster to this one.
(sorry Hagerty)