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Hagerty Employee

6 magnificent Maseratis to celebrate the trident legacy

The unveiling of the mid-engine, V-6-powered Maserati MC20—the trident brand’s first true new sports car model in more than a decade—will not only gladden the hearts of aficionados of the revered Modena marque; it will hopefully help to reinvigorate the Italian car maker’s fortunes ... Read the full article on


New Driver

love the 5000 GT!!

Pit Crew

1. Maserati 3500 GT(1957) and 3500 GTi (1961) should absolutely be on your list of magnificent Maseratis.

2. Shaw of Persia - first 5000 GT was by Touring of Milan. The picture you have shown is an Allemano 5000 GT which I actually prefer to the Touring 5000 GT.       

Pit Crew

The 1954 A6G Zagato bodied Maser should be on this list.   It is a lovely car.  




I love my '77 Maserati Bora. Back in the late '80s, when I was in the Air Force, I traded the Black Moon Rising movie car for it. I wasn't really interested in a show car, I wanted something I could drive and enjoy. It was a blast driving the mountain roads between Woodland Park and Cheyenne Mountain Complex. When reassigned, I drove the car from Woodland Park, Co to Nellis AFB, Nv. What a great ride. It was really cool driving it to work on base occasionally. I was pretty sure I was the only guy in the Air Force to have one. I still have it but it is in storage. It has about 15K miles on it. I wish I could find a great mechanic I could trust to bring it out of storage but I have been ripped off too many times. The last shop I took it to in Nevada disappeared my jack and tool kit! 😣