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6 Lamborghinis stampeding across the block in Paris | Hagerty Media

Spain's Running of the Bulls is a world-renowned man vs. beast showdown in which thrill-seekers try to outrun stampeding cattle without getting gored (who can forget Billy Crystal's painfully funny failure to get out of the way in City Slickers ?). Now there's a new Running of the Bulls which caters to Lamborghini-loving automotive enthusiasts.

Oh man...The Miura. What a stunning design. The Miura and the '66 A/C Cobra 427 are the two greatest car designs of all time.

I love everything with a straight six. Those were the years when cars were simple and balanced and did not need excessive power to feel "sporty". The original Countach was an engineers dream with the V12, transmission spun 180 degrees and such clean straight lines. That was the last great Lamborghini. Once they added flares, wings and Farah Fawcett it was all over.
Intermediate Driver

Looks like I have to go to Paris! I want all 6, Their value of the Muira and estimate seem spot on.
I don't know where they get their average prices but the Periscpio price is way out of line, if I see a Periscopio for sale at 640K, I will buy it! The esitmate is a little low as well, but we will see what happens at the auction!. The LP500S price is also a little low but no wing hurts, that is more like a price for the anniversary edition. I was glad to see an article about Lambos as I have 2 (Countach LP400S Series 2 and a Jalpa) and want more!.

I've never found Lambo's to be compelling. Ferrari's on the other hand, are magical.

I agree. The styling of Lamborghini has never been to my taste. The Miura has grown on me, but the Coutach. With few exceptions of some Ferraris in the early 2000's I have always found them to be much more appealing.

The cars are passionate, extreme, and magnificent. I don't know which I'd like more than the others.
I had the opportunity to buy a Urraco S from a Swiss Architect in San Francisco, Cobalt Blue with Tan and licensed in California so the pain of registration other than fees was minimal.
I had it for a short period of time when my neighbor, an Italian car person kept after me to buy it. I finally sold it to him. He took it with him when he moved to Arizona.
The car was fast, absolutely handled on a dime and stopped the same way. I got a lot of attention on
Left Coast freeways, which frankly I could live without, but the car was a blast.
If you want one of these be close to a mechanic who knows them well, or you yourself, and join the
Owner's Club who will give great support (at least that's my experience with other clubs) and they
know where the parts are,
All rise for the raging bull!
Happy Holidays and stay well, all of you.
Intermediate Driver

I agree with you MeJ, that Miura is a sexy car and a pretty groundbreaking design for the day.
When my bro. had a couple Ferrari's (mid-70's) a few guys in his sports car club had Miuras. I got a ride in one of them when I was a kid; FAST! I was too young to drive then, but one thing that I remember about that car was when you were in the drivers seat and looking back through the inside rear-view mirror, you were essentially looking "through" the carburetors/throttle linkage which were positioned on top of the motor which was just outside the cockpit's rear window. That was pretty cool....
Advanced Driver

Guys in their 40's had Countach's on their walls, not just 50+. I LOVE IT!

Baddest car of all time in my opinion.

Who can forget Billy Crystal's painfully funny fail ... ? Evidentally, me. I saw the movie but have no recollection of that particular scene. One the other hand, I remember most of the cars on this list very well. You really can't compare a Lamborgini to any other car - they've always been operating on their own private wavelength, doing their own thing.
Intermediate Driver

What, no Diablo!

Green (400GT) & Brownish (Islero GTS) are OK (a lill too angular for me). I'm a '50s/60s Itialian style enjoyer instead. The others can head back to the outter planets where thay came from. I'll take the cord 810/12, delahayes, duesenberg, etc. I like the classics. Different strokes, eh?
New Driver

Within the Lamborghini community, those Lambo's built pre-2001 are in short supply relative to the later model Lambos and are looking to appreciate in the near future. Harry's Garage has an excellent video on the early model Diablo, which Harry believes is a bargain given the excitement factor of driving one.
Ironically, the Islero was not held in high regard which is why so few were built, but now its considered rare and priced accordingly. Supply and demand will set the market price and there is so much money out there. I would be surprised if we don't see 20-50% appreciation on the Muiras and 400GT over the next year or two once covid is behind us. According to a friend of mine who owned a Muira, he believes there are only 150 total left as so many crashed, so $2-3 million may look like a bargain in a few years.

The Miura is an icon.....
A sexy, studly Italian bull..... the lines, proportions and detail are really timeless and inspirational