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6 hot rod body styles you need to know

In many ways, the terms used to describe the myriad body styles of hot rods read like scientific names for chemical compounds. However, when you're equipped with the nuts and bolts of hot-rodding vocabulary, you can easily decipher the plethora of terms used to denote different styles. Today we’re going to break down the terms used to describe the exact molecular chain of automotive features that comprise some of our favorite custom rides.


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I get a kick out of some of the Euro shows that use terms like "shooting brake" and "cooo pay" (pronouncing coupe with a French accent).


Body style... phaeton has hot rod history and has always been cool to me.


There used to be a lot of bodystyles. I get that dual-cowl limo things aren't traditionally in the hot rod realm, but just Ford in 1932 offered a lot, 14 according to a poster shown at


as I can't seem to upload an image.