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6 Honda minibikes storming Monaco with Monkey business | Hagerty Media

Bonhams' upcoming "Les Grandes Marques à Monaco" auction will see rare Ferraris, Bugattis, and Aston Martins notch up six-figure sales. However, it's the most affordable machines we'll be watching most closely-specifically a collection of six Honda Z50 "Monkey" bikes going under the gavel.
Intermediate Driver

Man , we put a lot of miles & smiles on those Mini-Trails when I was a LOT younger. The 50 cc and the larger Trail 70s !

There is a long standing Honda dealership in the area I grew up in man they sold a ton of the Mini Trails all kinds were buzzing around as well as what I believe were called QA 50,s its hard to imagine the price that these little bikes bring today at any race be it car or bike there was always a pack of them little guys as pit bikes Honda sure hit the mark with that introduction thanks to the author for a walk thru brings back memory's I never did own one wasn't a case of not wanting one but my father was so against motorcycles that no way I could convince him thankfully he felt anything with 4 wheels or more ruled so i got a Go Kart.LOL R

Bought a '73 50cc for my children way back in the day. They had an absolute blast on it & that (and their mini-quads) is what gave them their base experience to motorcycle riding.