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Hagerty Employee

6 Hemi-powered muscle cars flying the Mopar flag at Indy 2020

June 6 marks the 95th anniversary of Chrysler, and what better way to celebrate the company than by highlighting what is perhaps its greatest contribution to the automotive pantheon, the Hemi V-8. There have been three generations of Hemi V-8, but none make quite the statement the second-gen does. Whether it was a billboard graphic plastered boldly on the side of a ‘Cuda or the subtle rumble shaking the pavement, if people knew you were packing 426 cubic inches of free-breathing Hemi V-8, they’d give you a wide berth on the street. Conversely, open the hood of your Hemi-powered Dodge or Plymouth muscle car at any car show and you’ll be sure motorheads will come flocking.


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I love these cars but think the 66 Charger should have been in this line up!

New Driver

New Driver

Had one. Silver with red interior. Bought it new at Mr. Norm's Dodge on West Grand Ave. in Chicago. It was one of the first on the North Side at the time, and got a lot of looks and unsuccessful red light challenges. I was 19. It was amazing. Took it to the U.S. 30 Drag strip north of Chicago for Friday night Grudge races, with just regular street tires. Had my dad sell it for me two years later when I was in Vietnam. Can't imagine what I was thinking.

Pit Crew

Well to begin with the article was addressing the cars that were or are coming to auction so IF a 66 Charger is NOT coming to auction then WHY would they wright about one. This was nor an opinion piece it was fact based on known commodities that were going to be auctioned so your comment has no merit in this article. Just saying bubba....  

Intermediate Driver

Those two drag cars sure bring back some memories. I'm old enough to remember when they shook the ground.They may not be as fast as todays dragsters,but,they sure had a style all there own.

Intermediate Driver

Boy howdy!  I so remember the Gene Snow Super Stock running the paint off its rivals!  Yes, it did shake the ground!! Awesome!  

Intermediate Driver

In ‘69 I chose not to buy a Hemi Road Runner because the warranty was only a year. Seems it was a 900 buck option, if I remember right. What a dumbazz.

Intermediate Driver

Favorite hemi-powered cars?  The Cunningham cars of the early '50s that carried America's honor at LeMans.


Never get tired of this golden era from Mopar


Nice little article about Hemi Mopars.
So where's the Hemis? All this talk and NO pix. Not good guys...

Pit Crew

1968 Charger R/T 426 4sp in B5 blue, hands down. Like the one I had same combination except black top & interior. DM