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6 full-size alternatives to muscle cars

There are plenty of cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s that offer beautiful designs and gutsy power plants that don’t neatly fall into the muscle car category. We’ve even offered up some more affordable, mid-size alternatives to the typical muscle car. This time, let’s delve into some of my favorite full-size cars from the era that, while heavier than their drag-strip hero counterparts, brought some big V-8 power to bear. 


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All great choices to add to the list!  I have another, the 64-67 Pontiac 2+2. 

While I can certainly understand the appeal of the A-bodied cars, Pontiac made a point of offering bigger engines and manual transmissions in all their full size models including the Bonneville and Grand Prix.  But my favorite is the rare (only 1700 made)1967 2+2/428 hardtop in my driveway with the one-year-only type "87" fastback body and factory 8 lug Kelsey-Hayes wheels.  It keeps company with the 67 GP/428 next to it.

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