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6 European cars with American pushrod V-8 power

About two years ago, the Hagerty Drivers Club editorial team picked three sporty, European-designed cars powered by American V-8s and headed to the foothills for a day of canyon driving. The trio included an AC 428, which is a handsome, powerful convertible fitted with, appropriately, a 428-cubic-inch Ford V-8. The trio also included a Jensen Interceptor and an Iso Grifo, two of my all-time-favorite European/American hybrids.


I’m an unapologetic fan of pushrod V-8s, big-block and small-block alike, and the idea of beautiful bodywork wrapped around an easy-to-tune, easy-to-upgrade pushrod V-8 is a match made in heaven.


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It would be a huge list to include everything, but these are interesting.  I had the pleasure of watching a red Ghia 450/SS in my rear view mirror on one of our Jaguar N. Georgia mountain cruises a few years ago.  They are so beautiful. 

I love the last paragraph on the Simca.  I'll bet that was a challenge to get it to flow that well.  Well done!

Pit Crew