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Hagerty Employee

6 cars you might be tempted to fill up while gas is cheap

Before it was the standard fuel for automobiles, in the 1880s, gasoline was a byproduct of lamp oil. In those days gasoline was something to be disposed of, rather than used. Times changed though, and soon this fuel source become one of the world’s most valuable commodities.


Now, with the current economic climate bringing oil prices into the negatives for the first time in history, prices at the pump are lower than they’ve been in decades. For those with a gas-guzzler in the garage, bargain-basement fuel prices might seem seriously appealing. So let’s dive into six cars for which, ordinarily, filling the tank (sigh, again) would make us cringe. Read the full article on

Hagerty Employee

$1.27 a gallon here in Houston at the moment!

Community Manager

Wow, I need to actually get out of the house and get me some of that on the west side of town. 

New Driver

373’s and a 4 speed. Check! 9-11 MPG all of the time!

Pit Crew

You forgot to mention Diesel trucks, like my turbo charged H1 HUMMER. Yes it is 8 feet wide of American pride, and averages around 11 miles per gallon.  But I didn't buy it to use as an economy car, rather because it can go where a lot of other vehicles simply can not go.  You have to live with the mileage and move on to better things.


Yes my SS 350 373 REAR GETS 8-9MPG!!!


2018 Jeep Trackhawk bored and stroked to 426 cubes running 16 lb's of boost. On a good day driving like grandma on the highway 16 mpg.


Filling the 44gallon tank on our Excursion is our version of a strategic oil reserve!

Advanced Driver

My 8.1L powered Silverado reliably gets 8-9 MPG, but I haven't driven enough in the past month to need refueling. At $1.54/gal where I'm at, I might just top off on general principle. 


'69 442 with 455 and 390's passes everything but a gas station! estimated 7-9 mpg but really it comes down to about a gal/hole shot...


Haven't been able to drive my C-7 ZO6 since November of last year when I was paying almost $4.00 per gallon for 93 octane.  100 octane was at $5.00 per gallon.


We are excited in southern California since gas down to about $2.39 a gallon for regular. All four of my cars take 91 octane which runs about $2.79+ per gallon. The winner on emptying the tank the fastest is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air with a 350 CI and 700 R Trans.  Has a new Edelbrock  4 BBL carb, but still only get maximum 8 MPH.  If you jump on it , it is race between the gas gauge and the speedometer.  Lots of fun in Huntington Beach.


That sounds almost too bad for that '57. Does it have some speed parts bolted up too?
New Driver

MY 1966 MUSTANG GT with aluminum heads, intake and a 650 carb mange’s 12-15 if you are not getting on it hard all the time. The compromise is 3:00 gears with no overdrive. New gears means new OD transmission. New technology has made the old engines obsolete, but it is my time machine from the past. It is worth the poor MPGs. 


My SL63 AMG 5.5 bi-turbo gets 11 mpg driving gingerly around town and 15-16 mpg on the highway. It loves it gasoline, but you don’t expect to be economical, you expect it to be a refined beast which it is. 

Pit Crew

Yep, have filled my 1988 Suburban a couple of times this spring already.  So at $1.50 a gallon or $45 a fill up,  driving her doesn't hurt like in the days of $100 plus full ups!.  Oh, she gets about 13.49 mpg on a good day.

Pit Crew

For me, my 1978 Camaro Z28, auto with the factory 3:42 axle. Roughly 3000 rpm @ 60 mph. Gas mileage? Now, who cares. OK, I did care when I bought it new back in Feb./78, and the highway mileage if treated gently was about 18 -20 per Imp. gal. (so about 15 - 17 per US gal.)


My '41 Ford Pickup with SBC 355, Comp Cam, Holley 650 and T350 3 speed with 4.11 rear

gets 9 mpg on a good day, but I only count SPG (Smiles per gallon).


Sounds like you like to use the loud pedal!

Our 1991 Suburban is a half-ton, with the 350 TBI, and about 160,000 miles.  On the highway, fully loaded, it can still get 16-17 mpg.  Plenty good for a 5400 lb. squared-off vehicle, I'd say.