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Hagerty Employee

6 adventure-ready details on the Bronco Sport

Glance at any automotive brochure or television ad these days, and you'll see attractive people laughing their way through some outdoorsy adventure. The small crossover out in the woods, that truck at the base of a rock climbing camp—perhaps more so than ever, adventure is the hot sales pitch. The campaign presents a vehicle that's an integral part of the adventure rather than a simple transportation apparatus.


Ford has spent countless hours burnishing the rough-and-ready halo around the forthcoming Bronco and Bronco Sport. We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on a Bronco Sport during a safe, socially distanced media event outdoors at the Holly Oaks ORV Park in Holly, Michigan. As of this writing, we can't share any driving impressions, but we're free to share a smattering of fun details tucked into the "baby" Bronco. Here are six of our favorites.


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