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Hagerty Employee

56 Halloweens ago, “The Munsters” had the ghoulest cars on the block

Fifty-six Halloweens ago, network television launched not one but two sitcoms that were perfect for ghosts and goblins—and, as it turns out, custom car enthusiasts. The Munsters, broadcast on CBS, and The Addams Family, on ABC, ran for only two seasons (1964–66), but they were so oddly outside the norm that we still talk about them today.


The same can be said for their cars. Well, The Munsters’ cars, at least.


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New Driver

Just love the negative camber on Grampa's car !

Pit Crew

How in the hell does 425 cubic inches fit in a 289 Ford block?

Barris was a bull**bleep**ter me thinks.


I would venture a guess it is 325 CID. It may just be a typo.
New Driver

Still not possible. A stock 289 has a 2.87" stroke and a 4" bore. If you bored the cylinders enough to displace even 325 cubic inches, it would require a 4.25" bore size. The absolute max you can go with oem 289/302 blocks is 4.060, and that's pushing it, the typical safe overbore is 4.040. Boring it to 4.250 would be through the cylinder walls and into the water jackets. And that's just to bring it to 325 cubic inches. lol And the article mentioned it was "bored out to 425 cubes" which would be a 4.86" bore. LOL The writer has no clue what they're talking about. You CAN build a 311 cubic incher from a 289 block, using an oem 302 rotating assembly, and a 4.060 overbore. Technically, you could cut down a 351W crank's main bearing diameter to fit into a 289 block, yielding a 3.5" stroke,(allowing up to 363 cubes with a 4.060" overbore) the only problem with that option is the 351W wasn't available until 1969, 5 years after the Munster Koach was built.

Wolf it is very possible as Shelby was getting 306 hp in the GT350 with a single Holley. Motor Trend was skeptical till they built their own version and cleared 300 HP on the Dyno. 20 more HP with better induction and exhaust is very possible. This was not a stock 289 hi po


Never was a Munsters fan, preferring The Addams Family.  But, these cars are kinda funly-cool - especially the coffin-car.


I have some great shots with me and George with the Coach and I remember seeing his son driving a coffin rod around Burbank all of the time.  Wow, kool times.  I remember the best was when George took the Coach and a few other kustoms to the Viva show in Vegas he was great and truly missed... 


Too cool what talent and imagination can accomplish.


I was lucky to meet and work with George at work before he passed. He truly was a great guy and personality. His deals were the starting point for these projects. 

But we should not forget the true craftsmen that actually created these cars like Dean Jeffries and others. 

The original coach was built by Tex Smith and completed by **bleep** Dean at the Barris shop. 

Too often the actual builders get lost behind George’s promotions. 

Same for Sam Barris as he was the true metal man at Barris till his untimely loss. One could only imagine what he and his brother could have done if he had lived. 


Pit Crew

The Munsters is one of my all time favorite shows. I loved it and still do.


Sorry ,Volo Does Not own the Original Koach and Drag-u-la, The original Koach resides in a collection in Miami Florida and the Original Drag-u-la ,resides in a collection in New Jersey!!!!!!!


Just a couple inaccuracies: The Munster Koach & Dragula were both designed by the legendary Tom Daniel. Built by Barris Kustom Industries. **bleep** Dean was involved in the original. Keith wasn't involved until Barris built a second one in the mid-80's. By then Keith had become very good at building and was given the job of building a second Koach.


The current Volo Koach & Dragula "replica's"were both built by Keith Dean. Keith has a deal with Barris Kustom Industries and when he builds a Koach, it is an authorized Barris build.


Butch Patrick's wife (ex-wife) donated some pictures to the site, she has nothing to do with That is solely my baby. (Thanks for including the link.)


My best,



   I loved both The Munsters and The Addams Family and very rarely missed an episode.  Of course, as a car nut, I appreciated those Munster cars a LOT more than Gomez Addams' Packard.  The TV cars of the '60s - by Barris and others - were something we young viewers could live vicariously through.  Route 66's Corvette, for instance.  And the original Batmobile.  I've seen the Koach at a local car show (or maybe it was a copy, but good enough for me).  Never saw the Drag-u-la in person, but hope to one day.  Those things take me back to some of the wonderful hours spent sitting cross-legged in front of the old B&W TV in our living room, marveling at what TV-land had created!