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Hagerty Employee

54 years later, two daughters replace the '66 Mustang their dad gave up for them

As family stories go, Mel Heppe's daughters have heard this one a thousand times before, give or take a few. This time around, the ol' story has more than a happy beginning. It has a happy ending.
New Driver

Nice job girls you made your Dad a very happy man.
New Driver

Great story. My dad always said we kids we are the reason he sold his GTO. 🙂

Now if only my sons would replace my '65 Corvette that was sold for college tuition.......nah.
Advanced Driver

Right? I sold my '68 KR convertible when my second kid started college.
New Driver

What a great story! I do love it when you tell one of these stories... and yes, I tear up. I am turning into an old sap. When you have people and cars in the same story... I am on it! And when it includes the family, I get all soft inside. I know... enough of that! The Mustang is beautiful! As is the family that gave him that awesome ride. I also have a 66 Mustang convertible and I enjoy taking it for rides in the back roads of Texas! Those roads not the best maintained, but the Mustang smooths them out and we float down the road feeling the cool air in the low spots or where the waters flow. God bless his family! They are awesome!
New Driver

What a great story. Sold my 63 Coupe in 1998 to get my second daughter from China. Loved that car but never regretted it. Beautiful daughter instead!
New Driver

Love the story. You girls did great. I have restored my Dad's 1972 Pantera he bought new. These stories of cars we remember from childhood are the really good stuff. Yes, I shed tears on this one.
Pit Crew

Amen! All teared up too...... Currently restoring my dad's 66 SS396 that I so wish he could be here to help me with.......
Intermediate Driver

Beautiful story. Great job to all the family members that made Mel's day. The story made my eyes water up. 😂
Pit Crew

ABSOLUTELY awesome!! Girls, you ROCK!! This memory will be in your family forever.

Great story. Beautiful car. I understand the comment about it not being yellow. The one my folks had when I was growing up was Wimbledon white with a red interior. So is the one I have now.
New Driver

When we had our first child my 60 charger just didn't work for a car seat so we to sold it for a 75 Toyota corolla station wagon.
Advanced Driver

Maybe my sons will buy me a 2001 Explorer Sport when I'm 83? Actually no, I hope they find cars built before 1970 they can really enjoy for themselves. Times have changed, but not for the better. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
Intermediate Driver

Love the story! I used to work at an automotive shop, and many were the times that a classic car, especially Corvettes, would be up on the hoist, and a guy would be standing outside the open bay door with a distant look in his eyes. Most common story was when kids came along, the 2-seater had to go. I'll bet Mel still had a grin on his face when he went to bed that night....!!
New Driver

Fantastic! Brilliant Story, every fathers dream. Hey Mel, give them girls a hug from me.

The only 2-seater convertible my dad ever had was the Deuce that he drove from [the channel off] LeHavre to Metz, Austria (with detours), during his "European tour." He talked about it a lot, even wrote a letter home telling the folks how great it would be if their coal-hauling company could get hold of one.
So I bought him one.

I love stories like this. Glad to see a family appreciate each other so much.
Pit Crew

So cool to see stories like this, kids giving back to dad certainty must fulfill a dream. Noting compares to the sacrifices one makes for family members. Words of wisdom from mom, ‘We can’t have a convertible with a baby,’ so he gave it up and they bought a station wagon.I'd bet many a memory was shaped by that wagon as well.