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5000 miles, six friends, three cars, and one clutch swap make for an epic Bonneville road trip

The Iron Lords car club is a tight-knit group that favors traditional hot rods. Their idea of a good time is joining a convoy of cars and making the yearly pilgrimage to the racing holy land that is Bonneville Speed Week.

   Now these guys are hard core!  I live only approximately 350 miles from Bonneville, and even I sometimes think it's just too much of a trip - these folks came from North Carolina!  Of course, they were running with friends, and a major road trip can make memories like nothing else, but still...  My hat's off to them.  🤗

   I've written it elsewhere on this forum, but it bears repeating: if you've never made it to Bonny, you need to get there.  For one thing, the salt may not always support racing, so the opportunities could indeed get very scarce.  But more importantly - and as I'm sure these rodders will attest - you can read a thousand articles about the Salt Flats and look at a thousand photos, but until you actually go, you will NEVER understand what it's really like.

   I have sat out there, parched and burned to a crisp, exhausted from lack of sleep, ears ringing from all the open exhausts, feet aching from walking the hot surface - and still had a grin on my face that didn't waver for weeks after I got home.  It's an experience you just have to live through - no story or pictorial will do it justice.  I'll bet the Iron Lords and Rolling Bones members will back me up on this...

Intermediate Driver

I am an old hot rodder from the 1950's, and always dreamed of going to The Salt, but never got there until a friend of mine decided to build a LSR car. This car was a 1931 Model A that was in his garage for a long time. He decided on running in the Vintage class that restricts engines to 1948 or earlier. He and his partner decided on a 1948 Buick Roadmaster, 320 c.i. OHV straight eight for power. They lengthened the hood a bunch to house this beast, and did all the safety and performance stuff you have to have to run at The Salt and be competitive. They trailered the car 1800 miles from Indiana to Bonneville for the 2005 meet, took it off the trailer and proceeded to set a new record in their class. They ran a 145.24 mph final two way run for the new record. Lucky for me, I was invited to go with them to The Salt as a crew member for the next three times. We were not able to best the first record time ever again, in spite of doing a lot of engine and carburetion work. If anyone likes pure racing, you have to go to Bonneville to see it, as it is the only venue for it left.

Great story - glad you made it @Charlie !


Shows the fortitude of the "Street Rod"
Harleys have to be trailered to Stirgus, to make the event