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50 years after Jim Morrison's death, where is his 1967 Shelby GT500? | Hagerty Media

Jim Morrison was a poet who dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. When destiny knocked, he answered the door-technically, The Doors -and quickly became a rock legend. Morrison's meteoric rise to fame and his reign as frontman for the iconic California band lasted only six years.

Quite possibly, it's on a "Moonlight Drive" out on "Dawn's Highway"...
New Driver

His bodyguard claims the car was destroyed but paperwork tracking showed it was sold back to the insurance company. If the insurance guys think they can get a nickel more than scrap value they'll auction it. There's no record of it after 1969... until in 2019 someone going through Los Angeles Times digital archives found a 1971 classified ad for what appears to be that car, being sold for parts, with the right license plate. It might still be out there.

Every car has a story, you just need to find who knows it! Great update, thanks!

Best part of this article is the registration card, Total fees 6 bucks. When California was the place to be; "The west is the best".
New Driver

$6.00 is a transfer or lost title fee.

the registration fee for my 1965 Mustang was about $40.00 in 1969.

Intermediate Driver

$6 was the lowest registration cost since Ca lowered your annual fee as the car got older. $6 was the registration fee for my 1954 Chieftain, I sold it in 1984.

Jim took it to the secret island he went to. He is still driving it today.

Or so some claim……. Lol!

It’s in Kansas.
New Driver

Why is the VIN hidden in this story?

Probably because of fraudsters
Pit Crew

Didn't catch the name of that energy drink he was quaffing.
Contributory cause of his 'heart failure'?
BTW, the jacked up Nova, righteous.
Intermediate Driver

Elvis borrowed it and it is currently parked behind a laundromat in Memphis...

This car will become a "barn find" story with authentic "dirt" from 1969 on it. Sell at Barrett Jackson for 75 million dollars and will be reported as 1 of 1. How will anyone know if it is real or not. Why the "professionals" will tell you and that will be good enough......for some.
Intermediate Driver

Morrison, while an incredible writer, and definitely left his mark on the genre, was a waste. He STUPIDLY through his life away. Just like Janis Joplin. Incredible young woman who thought she was ugly, and through it all away. WTF!
Intermediate Driver

There was this one episode of a show I watch called Auto/biography which had the car as the subject matter. They found a restored car that has a very good chance of being Morrison’s car, they just need to find the original identifying numbers for the exact car and match two and two up.

(PS, did you know that whenever Morrison crashed the car, he would abandon it and report it stolen, and get away with it each time.)
New Driver

See SAAC forum for factual information. The youtube "phony stories" car is not 939. This is not up for debate.

New Driver

Several years back I bought a 1960s t-bird , for a man , told me it was Conway Twitty's car at one time, so I call DMV in Tenn. , gave them the title # and said it was his car , so use the title # on lower right , call DMV in Cali. see if they give the whole vin #.might be in Mustang Registry..

There's a killer on the road
His brain is squirming like a toad....
New Driver

Ray Wolff from Ray's High Performance Center in Inglewood bought the car (VRD-389) after/from Jim, He tried to sell it with several (12) newspaper ads: Jim also had the car for sale, as I have an newspaper ad from 2 Feb 1969 with the Doors office phone number on it. The changing milage in Ray's ads indicates the car was driven. Ray Wolff was an employee from Carol Shelby.
New Driver

13 October 1971 is the latest ad I found, after that I lost trail. All the ads I found can be seen in the video I made. (Link shared in my first post.)
New Driver

“Dead president’s corpse in driver’s car, the endive runs on glue & tar…”
New Driver

Growing up in Sacramento in the 70s and 80s, I heard that it was trailered to Stockton where it was parted out. The Shelby specific body parts and interior went into a lodi car, and the drive train went into a maroon cougar. The maroon cougar was a profitable street racer in norcal, but he eventually got into enough trouble that the car went to the gold country and was parked in a family member's barn in the late 70s. I heard this story from several people in the Sacramento area over the years. A decade later, I moved to Angels Camp CA, and heard the same story, a decade later, 100 miles away, from an entirely different group of people. The barn was in the San Andreas area apparently. Last I heard, the barn and its contents burned to the ground in the early 90s in the old gulch fire. All that is secondhand info, but I got it from two separate sources Long before the internet era.