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5 winter motorcycle projects to start thinking about now

Summer is prime time to sell off some of the junk in your garage. Or basement. That way, when winter arrives you can buy a project motorcycle or three (it happens) to store in that newfound space. We don’t all have heated garages, but rolling a two-wheeled machine right into your basement puts everyone on a level playing field. Let’s look at what options are out there now, so you can spend the dark months ahead working instead of shopping.


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I had a 1993 CT70 that was a blat for me and the wife when wee lived in the woods. But the grandsons ran it nonstop almost for years. Never a problem with it.

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Those prices are unreal!


Are these bikes street legal?

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My first ride ever  on a  minibike was on a  childhood friends 77 Honda z50.  Convinced my Dad to buy me a XR75.  My first love wasnt a girl or car. It was being on 2 wheels.  Now 54 years old and 21 bikes later, still crave that freedom and yes there is a Honda in my garage. 


Interesting, not a word on the Honda ZB50. We have a fleet of 12 of them here in Ottawa On. Yes Shriners!  I think Honda had 250 pound middle aged kids in mind when they designed these bikes. 30 years of abuse and all still running well with exception of carb issues due to alcohol blended fuels. Well done Honda!


What about the Yamaha mini it had a 50cc motor. 

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No they are not. They do not meet height or HP requirements along with other features. The best use I have seen for these things is in the Pits at a race track. Your better off with a Moped which you can actually take somewhere. Street legal except on a highway. Only regular class C car license required.




Sweet little bikes .


I began riding on a Tiddler 50 years ago and still love riding them ~ you cannot look macho or other foolishness on little bikes and yes, they still go as far as you want ~ I've ridden 47 year old Honda CT90's (& CM91's, CL90's, etc., etc.) to Death Valley and beyond then back to Lancaster, Ca, again many times over .


All these old Hondas are designed and built to be run wide open in top gear, as long as you like without any damage as long as you keep it properly maintained .


I'm going again in October with some like minded fools in the V.J.L.A., it'll be our 27th annual Death Valley Ride .




3 outta 5 R 'leg burners'?


I have a '72 Z50K2, Arguably the most desirable "50" in my garage. They are street legal and a footbrake , unique to that year... I have the owner's manual and it's a real garage find! Should I sell it????


I have a 1972  Harley Davidson "ShortSter" 55miles 65cc AMF made only 1year by Aermacchi  2 stroke 3 speed manual with clutch. Amazing mint condition in my toy  room has not been molested or restored, ultra rare

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I was looking at these and the mini trail 70 in 2017.  Wanted to get something to tootle around town with.  I live in a small rural town.  After looking at the prices I sad no and looked new.  2017 Honda Grom.  125 cc.  Yes, it's a motorcycle, not a mini bike but the bang for the buck could not be beat.  Another $500 in options to make it look like a racer.  Total investment $3700.  Brand new, 124 mpg, fuel injected.  That's a lot of gas with the left-over money.


My first mini bike was a 1969 Honda 50. Blue I started riding 1970 5 years old that little mini bike never failed. Those little things would go and go. In 78 I moved over to three wheelers Honda 90cc. Lots of fun and miles of room when we left California moved to Albuquerque NM. After school I would ride all over the West Mesa with a friend. Next door to our neighborhood Al and Bobby Unser's Homes and Little Al who I met friend of my friend Chuck. We rode my Honda three wheeler chasing rabbits every now and then. Fun times 


I have a 1975 GL1000 and it is a fantastic bike, and rides much lighter in practice than the actual weight suggests due to a very low center of gravity.

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I have 2 1970 CT70’s. One KO and one HKO. Tagged and HAGERTY insurance! Good for fun rides in the neighborhood. Stock they about 35mph with my 220lbs. They make everyone smile. Many thumbs up and offers to buy. Some may be smiling because as my wife says “you look ridiculous!”