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5 winter beaters to endure the cold months ahead

As residents of hot and dry regions of the U.S. prepare to bring their convertibles out for prime driving season, those of up north and in the Snow Belt have to start thinking about off-season storage. When you don't want to subject a car you care about to the elements, that's where a winter beater comes in real handy.


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we use the oldest sh!+ box we got.  No undercarriage wash down. Been lookin for something for yrs, almost invented my own. A 500 - 2,000$ S.B. (aren't they all) suffices. The nice cars stay garaged 9 mo (even less these daze, even the cycle is comin out in March as the climate changes). Right now its an ol chebby p/u. Tona bricks on the axel, double ck the heater, wipers, good ta go Dec - March (the NE usa).

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