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5 winter beaters to endure the cold months ahead

As residents of hot and dry regions of the U.S. prepare to bring their convertibles out for prime driving season, those of up north and in the Snow Belt have to start thinking about off-season storage. When you don't want to subject a car you care about to the elements, that's where a winter beater comes in real handy.


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Ordinary as it is, my Volvo XC70 wagon (on my second) is just great for anywhere - granted snow is rare in Africa, but dodgy roads, sand and gravel are not.   Happily rust is less of an issue unless you live on the coast here.  Ive had a diesel and now the 3.2 - cheap to buy, well engineered, and if you go carefully, affordable. (and for us of a certain age, supremely comfortable!!)

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