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5 tips for keeping your garage organized | Hagerty Media

Go into any of the top restoration or general maintenance shops around the world and you'll find they have one thing in common: their space is tidy, organized, and ready for work. This is something every home DIY enthusiast should aspire to. Having a clean and organized workspace can make you more productive and safe.
New Driver

Take camera pics of what your doing prior to taking it apart. Plus when you go to the parts store you can show the counter people what you need. I always write a list of what I need. Don't just buy 1 or 2 cans of like brake clean, get a dozen when on sale and not run out. I keep an inventory of all filters for all of my cars, toys. Buy 2 oil filters and twice as much oil as needed. When it's time for a service you won't even have to leave the house. Buy a carlift. Can't stress that enough. It should be the First tool you buy, not the last. 20years ago My Lovely Wife bought me a 4 post for Christmas with all the extras, She is keeper.
New Driver

A pet peeve of mine is loaning tools out. Now I have a list of where it went and who to remind. I saves me many hours of hunting for that tool just when I needed it. Also I keep everything off the floor, so if we lose power I can walk in the dark through the shop and not trip and kill myself. If you are bored and don't want to start a repair sit and sort out your tools, hardware, bolt bins, it is good therapy and clears your mind. Plus, you will find the things you forgot you had...

Three words. Shelves, bins, labeler.
New Driver

Look up 5S online. It a process manufacturer's use to keep things neat and organized.
New Driver

White board on the (inside) garage door made for a great spot to keep my list(s) of "required" tasks for each project. Way better than the old piece of cardboard on the wipers method. But, as many have said, save the cardboard for under that leaky vehicle and for the dreaded trans pan removal.
New Driver

Tip no. 6: Keep the kids/grandkids/hired help OUT when the place is organized the way you want it.
Advanced Driver

Bah! Reorganizing a garage is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Not only does it waste time up front, but you'll spend the next year "remembering" parts you've recently seen, but cannot recall where they got reorganized to!
Pit Crew

GrayRaceCat, yep, restaurant-style "Bus Trays" is a great one. I also use something like that. By the way, if we talk about tools in our garage, what exact jigsaw would you take from those here ( ). They have shown maybe the biggest collection of jigsaws I've seen, with all the information about each model.



😒Pssth. “Organized”? What a bunch a sickos. 
When your my age and trip over something it’s just reassurance that almost falling down wasn’t from a stroke. 

New Driver

I work in the environmental recovery business. We use absorbent material of various types daily for maintenance and spill cleanup. There is an oil only product that I use instead of cardboard. These pads are available in various sizes and make cleanup simple. No extra dust or stay dry to clean up. They last until completely saturated. Work great for those minor drips and weeping seals also.