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5 things to know before putting your car into storage

The dreaded storage season has finally arrived for many vintage car owners. It’s the time where we collectively consider moving to the desert and then don’t for one reason or another. Some of us pack up and move, but most of us hunker down and spend a weekend prepping our beloved rides for a months-long hibernation ...


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We stored my grandpas ‘59 Cadillac hardtop at a local fairground building one winter. Floor wasconcrete and when we retrieved it rust was everywhere. His pride and joy was a mess. He had bought this white whale tail beauty new and I’m still sad at how quick it rusted. 


What I have done is I added a fan that draws the air from the garage at a low level and it lets the air circulate. This draws down the moisture in the garage. These are popular in Canada where wet damp garages are common with heaters or heated floors. 

This kills the condensation on cold metal like cars and tools. 

Also put some high density foam under the tires and it stops flat spots. Packing material often uses these flat plastic foam padding. This is not styrofoam as it will break. 


I did my storage prep in only one step and I'm now good forever: I simply moved from CT to SC and can run all my cars year round. Easy solution and less costly by far than before.

Intermediate Driver

I have two wonderful cars in excellent condition that I have to rely on carports to protect, in Florida, not far from the Gulf. I plan to buy excellent quality car covers for both in the next little bit, but I wonder - has anyone got a fool-proof strategy for finding local individuals' garages, short of the expense of a climate controlled storage unit - and a checklist of necessities to secure in getting one and using it? I understand there are insurance and security issues too. Anyone ever done this?

Pit Crew

For those of you that have concrete floors and are concerned about condensation over the winter ( who isn’t?) I have found buying a roll of vinyl flooring on sale at our local Home Depot is the ticket. They are 6’ wide and about 8’ long and are perfect to fit under most classics. The best thing about the vinyl flooring is it provides the barrier between the floor and vehicle but is also quite sturdy so you won’t be constantly tripping over the edges. The flooring is often on sale in the “ends” bin of your local store. Hope this helps?