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5 surprising results from the Raleigh Classic Car Auction

Last weekend’s Raleigh Classic Car Auction was full of special cars, but prior to the event we weren’t sure to what lengths buyers would go to fight over them. Turns out, a number of well-kept vehicles attracted serious bids. Here are some of the offerings that sold for more than their top-condition average values. Read the full article on


Can you tell us what the Studebakers sold for? Thanks.


Unless it is in the VR4 configuration, all 3000GT's and the Dodge Stealth cousins were transverse mounted V6 FWD configurations (the VR4, of course being AWD)...

Community Manager

You are 100% correct so I am making that change now!
New Driver

Nice cars....I bought a 96 Eldorado ETC with 50K miles and excellent condition for $10,500 a few months ago. I love it but haven't been able to register it yet due to DMV issues and lack of time. Some would say that I paid too much for it. I disagree. Northstar V-8, great original red paint; and they don't make 'em like that anymore.  !!!!!

Intermediate Driver

I think I just saw that exact Eldorado going down I-475 in Flint, MI yesterday!  I saw this beautiful Eldo cruising up behind me and he passed me.  Same colors, the car was immaculate, and it had a temporary sticker in the rear window.   I had an 83 Riv, and my parents had an 84 & 85.  We loved those cars, reliable, nice driving.

Pit Crew

My opinion, for what is worth:

These prices the unfortunate attempt to keep values, in general, inflated. Of course, reality reporting doesn't attract readers, because there is no sensationalism. To bad, because I feel that it scares the average buyer away.

Buy what you like, and enjoy what you can afford. Keep your head on your shoulders and smile wide as you enjoy whichever classic that you choose.

Keep safe: stay healthy!


Those are some impressive prices. I should have brought my 1986 Corvette Conv with 7,800 miles on it there. I have the original tires wrapped in plastic in my garage and car is 100% original, except battery.

Intermediate Driver

Did anybody see what the C4 Vettes were selling for at Mecum???  Holy smokes, cheap!  Low miles too.  Like $4,500-$6,500 for sweet looking rigs.  That's beater territory for a lot of eye appeal and 'good' performance. 

Intermediate Driver

I will never be a future buyer of an ordinary vehicle at inflated prices. A 1990 Suburban was never a coveted vehicle when new. Makes me think I should hold onto my Ford Escape, as it could be worth $100k in 20+ years! 😂