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5 spunky alternatives to the Meyers Manx dune buggy

Anyone who has ever thought about buying a 1960s- or '70s-era dune buggy eventually learns the well-traveled history of Bruce Meyers and the Meyers Manx. It is, unquestionably, the gold standard of dune buggies and the uniquely American original over which collectors obsess. Countless pages are devoted to its history, its development, and its eventual downfall thanks to Meyers' losing a patent case against one of the larger companies that pilfered his design.


If you’re a collector of means and your focus is on originality, the Manx is the dune buggy to have. But what about the rest of us? The ordinary Joes and Janes who love the idea of a dune buggy, have less than ten grand to spend, and want to experience a bit of the dune buggy fever that infected the nation for a few short years into the 1970s?


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In the summer of 1980, when I was 14, a friend of my uncle offered me his dune buggy, for free. But my Mom said no. I had just gotten over that, and now you've brought it all back again. Dammit!