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5 significant steps in Formula 1 helmet history

Formula 1 has an interesting history with safety. Few would image that pushing man and machine to their absolute limit would be particularly safe, and yet the birth of racing displays a shocking ignorance of safety to our modern viewpoint. Though safety regulations today govern almost every conceivable aspect of racing, today we're zooming in on the efforts of the motorsports community to mitigate risk for the drivers, particularly when it comes to head injuries.


Early auto racing had speeds akin to horse racing, which most folks viewed as relatively low-risk. As speeds increased, the call for more robust safety equipment for drivers grew louder. The advent of helmets stemmed from the motorcycle world, but it wasn't long before hard shells capped the heads of racing drivers. Here are five significant steps in the history of Formula 1 helmets, all pulled from a great video posted by Driver61.


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