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Hagerty Employee

5 Shelbys to add to your race stable during Monterey Car Week

Carroll Shelby's influence in racing can't be overstated. His racing teams scored victories on the track against some of the best names in the industry. His restyled and tuned Mustangs created a sensation on the street, and the Cobra is nothing short of iconic no matter where it's driven.
Pit Crew

Advanced Driver

The AC Cobra to me defines street/race Shelby brilliance. Tasca, Holman Moody, Bud Moore and others could have possibly led the way with converting stock Mustangs. IMHO.
Pit Crew

427 Cobra, fer sure. It is street legal (I assume) so that means I can enjoy it without reserving 2 hours at the local race track. The concept car is just too ug-lee. If I was a collector with the means to show off the cars, one of the GT350Rs would be my choice, but as a typical middle class retiree with limited storage space and income, the Cobra it is.
Pit Crew

427 Cobra, nuff said.

Am I the only one that thinks the concept car looks like Carol Shelby?
Advanced Driver

I'm wondering if the Harr Ford car is the one that was rolled at Laguna Seca...I remember one GT350 was, and badly balled up, but don't recall exactly if this is the one. Wouldn't be the 1st race car to be damaged that badly and then rebuilt, but it'll be interesting to see if that's confirmed and how its value is affected.
New Driver

For the 60s vintage Shelbys, it would be a trivial project to turn a reasonably rust-free donor car into a very capable lookalike for way, way less than a million bucks.

$1000 for a photographer, $5000 for a donor, $10,000 for a race-ready frame, another $10,000 for a Coyote crate motor, and $10,000 for glamor and bling. You might need a few more bucks here and there for a tranny, motor tuning, finding the right ratio in the 9" rear end, and a race-legal fire extinguisher.

That works out to cheaper than most new SUVs.

On;y trouble is, a 1960s Shelby will only haul 1 cart of groceries at a time.
New Driver

Anyone who considers themselves a car person who doesn't lust after one of those 350r's to try throwing it around a race course with there foot deep in it's innards ... hear the quick winding scream from that almost perfect small block is in my mind pretty much a poser
New Driver

427 Cobra as someone else said……..enough said.
Intermediate Driver

#65 the blue Cobra. I just looks right and would be acceptable on the streets.
New Driver

AC Cobra 427 every time

If anyone considers buying and driving a 427 Cobra, here are some tips:
DO wear long pants. I still have a souvenir on the back of my left leg from the side pipe. You will master the whole "butt-scoot" maneuver to exit the car from either side in short order!
DO remember that these cars seem to prefer going sideways under modest throttle application.
DO NOT have an aversion to heat. The footwells get a bit toasty in slow traffic, and A/C wasn't an option.
DO know all there is to know about the car, because you will be answering questions at any gathering you attend.
DO NOT be afraid of gas stations; you will become familiar with them on an alarming basis.
All in all, one of the best four wheel thrill rides you will ever experience!

the concept looks interesting, but have to wonder about the chassis;

if it’s the same as the regular Cobras, thank you, but no dice;
Pit Crew

While I have been a Cobra fan since the 70’s and got to ride in all flavors of cobras, 260, 289 and 427’s today my choice would be one of the competition (R) GT350’s available. While the Harr/Tasha car is cool to me being a New England native the “winningest Shelby ever” would be my final answer.

Cliff Ramsdell
New Driver

The 1965 winningest shelby ever for sure! The Shelby concept car looks like a Fattened up Eleventh edition T-bird.

Just to be contrarian...and I like the looks and uniqueness of it...the 2004 Concept car, please.
Pit Crew

The alpha-numeric phrase that sends chills down an auto-enthusiast's spine: 427 Cobra
New Driver

For show, the AC 427 is the only choice. For actual driving fun, the street legal 65 GTR 350. If I can only choose one .......... aarrrggghhhh....... I can't. Guess I'll have to purchase both. (in a very different life)