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5 of the strangest engines that made it to production

An engine puts the auto in automobile; without one, you merely have a carriage and have successfully shifted yourself backwards by 120 years. A century-plus of engine development has brought forth a vast array of solutions to the internal combustion problem. Virtually every person who has set their mind to building a car has experimented with the number, orientation, and even shape of the cylinders.


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I believe NSU had a Wankel powered model for a short time. Although everyone associates the Mazda Wankel with the RX7, the Wankel was also an available option for their small pick-up truck for a couple of years. The rotary engined ones had round taillights, the conventional engine models had rectangular taillights. The conventional engined model was also sold as a Ford. I can't remember the model. Although it never went into production, someone (Ford?) had a mock-up of an atomic powered car on the car show circuit for awhile.